Ohio Association of School Business Officials

A report commissioned by three public school groups shows state funding for K-12 education hasn’t bridged the gap between rich and poor districts.  

The Ohio House and Senate increased the amount the state will spend on its 610 school districts beyond Governor John Kasich’s original budget proposal.

Ohio farmers are seeing their property taxes increase dramatically thanks to a formula used to set a value on their farmland.

An analysis of Ohio Department of Education school report-card data shows the achievement gap between low-income and wealthier school districts continues to widen.

An analysis of recent public school student test results shows economic status plays a major role in the scores.

Report Links Poverty To Poor Student Academic Peformance

Sep 17, 2013

Groups representing Ohio school boards, administrators and treasurers have released an analysis of data collected under the state's new assessment system that confirms the link between poverty and student performance.