Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

The state attorney general says new hazardous material containers at five sites around Ohio will help authorities more quickly clean up methamphetamine labs.

Facial Recognition Software Generates Controversy

Aug 27, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says law enforcement officers have used facial recognition technology nearly 27 hundred times since June.

State Office Working Through Backlog of Rape Kits

Aug 26, 2013

There are thousands of rape kits that have never been tested in Ohio, and the state attorney general says his agency is working through that stack.

AG Says Too Few Schools Have Adequate Safety Plans On File

Aug 19, 2013

As students throughout Ohio head back to school, Ohio’s Attorney General is reminding school officials to make sure they have a comprehensive school safety plan on file.

It’s back to school time. Ohio’s Attorney General says that means it’s the time that scammers try to take advantage of families who are making preparations for the new school year.

The state attorney general says more than 200 Ohioans have received unsolicited phone calls with offers of medical alert devices.

Ohio could see a record-breaking number of new licenses for carrying a concealed weapon this year.

The state's attorney general urges Ohioans to watch out for scams involving utilities after two people reported losing about $800 each after unsolicited phone calls.

Ohio Crime Lab Processing Evidence In Castro Case

Jul 18, 2013

Ohio crime lab employees are working overtime to test evidence in the Ariel Castro case. 

State Launches Registry for Convicted Arsonists

Jul 1, 2013

People convicted of arson-related offenses in Ohio will have to register annually with local authorities under a new law in effect beginning this week.

Grants Funding Regional Sexual Assault Coordinators

Jun 25, 2013

The Ohio Attorney General's office has begun funding new regional sexual assault coordinators to oversee direct and comprehensive services for victims.

Internet Cafe Owners Want Ohio Voters To Decide Their Future

Jun 11, 2013

Operators of internet cafes are fighting  a new state law banning their operations.

State School Board Urged To Not Support Arming Teachers

May 14, 2013

Top Ohio law enforcers are urging members of the state school board not to support arming untrained teachers with guns in response to recent school shootings, including one last year in northeast Ohio.

DeWine Rejects School Prayer Amendment

May 3, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected a petition seeking to ask Ohio voters to approve school prayer.

CCW Licenses Increase

May 2, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the number of licenses issued for carrying concealed weapons in the first three months of the year increased sharply compared with the same period a year ago.

Statehouse Debate Continues Over Fate Of Internet Cafes

Apr 30, 2013

Ohio voters will decide the fate of the 794 storefronts, accused of selling illegal gambling…..that is, if a Youngstown state senator gets his way.

Proposed Law To Double Penalties On Repeat Violent Offenders

Apr 29, 2013
Karen Kasler / OPR

Most violent crimes in Ohio are committed by people who have at least two felony convictions. And a bill is coming this week that seeks to lock up those criminals to cut down on gun-related crimes.

Ohio Attorney General Continues Attack on Internet Cafes

Apr 17, 2013

Ohio’s top cop Wednesday stepped up his drive to shut down many of the state’s internet cafes and sweepstakes stores on the grounds that they offer illegal gambling. 

Pepper To Challenge DeWine

Apr 16, 2013

Former Democratic Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper has filed the paperwork to  challenge Republican Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in 2014.

Two Teens Charged With Threatening Rape Victim

Mar 27, 2013

Two Ohio teens accused of making online threats against a rape victim have denied the charges and been released on house arrest.

AG Warns Of Phone Scam

Mar 5, 2013

During this National Consumer Protection Week, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is warning about a phone scam that exploits his office's work as a collection agency for state departments.

More Charges In Steubenville H.S. Rape Case Possible

Mar 5, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he'll announce after the upcoming rape trial of two Steubenville high school football players whether charges will be brought against others.

New Legislation Aims To Protect Older Ohioans

Feb 22, 2013

State lawmakers and Attorney General Mike DeWine are promoting legislation to stop the financial exploitation of older Ohioans.

Internet Cafe Regulations Under Discussion At Statehouse

Feb 13, 2013

Ohio legislators are once again debating a proposal aimed at putting thousands of internet cafes and sweepstakes storefronts out of business. At a legislative committee hearing on the bill Wednesday, Ohio’s top cop blasted the businesses as illegal gambling houses. But, as statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports, the industry and its supporters pushed back.

Union Wants Cleveland Police Chief To Resign

Feb 7, 2013

The Cleveland police union wants police chief Michael McGrath to resign in the wake of a critical state report blaming a lack of leadership for a fatal chase.

School Safety Training Begins Today

Jan 17, 2013

The state Attorney General and Education Department are launching the first of five regional sessions to train educators to respond to school shootings.

12-thousand Ohio children live in foster homes, 40 percent below the number of a decade ago.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office is appealing a Franklin County judge's November ruling that cleared the name of a man who spent more than five years on death row for a pair of 1982 slayings he didn't commit.