Ohio Department Of Transportation

The Ohio Department of Transportation says a new traffic pattern is in effect on Main Street and Parsons Avenue in downtown Columbus. 

Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Highway Patrol says has established the state's first first distracted driver enforcement corridor on I-71 in Delaware and Morrow Counties. 

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The economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on traffic and transit.

The Ohio Department of Transportation credits a mild winter for a decline in road salt usage.  

The Ohio Department of Transportation today will raise the speed limit on I-670 between I-71 and I-270 to 55 mph when the SmartLane is in use.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says it will permanently close the 3rd Street ramp to eastbound I-70 on November 25. 

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For the first time in several years, an Ohio Department of Transportation panel has voted to proceed with hundreds of millions of dollars in road construction projects.  

The Ohio Department of Transportation says starting today all lanes of the I-270 and I-670 SmartLane interchange near Easton will open nearly two weeks ahead of schedule.  

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission says central Ohio traffic deaths have risen by nearly 30 percent since 2013. 

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Two Republican state senators have introduced legislation to keep a requirement that Ohio drivers display a front license plate. 


New rules on speed and red-light cameras started this month, as the new transportation budget went into effect.


Ohioans have just a couple of days to fill up before the new statewide gas tax goes into effect.

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The Ohio Department of Transportation says there were nearly 80 thousand distracted driving crashes in Ohio in the last five years, killing at least 268 people and injuring more than 3 thousand. 

The Ohio Department of Transportation says Watkins Road and its U.S. 33 overpass are closed indefinitely after a semi struck the bridge Thursday.

Nearly nine thousand bicycle helmets will soon be distributed to Ohio children through an ongoing partnership between the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

A joint Ohio Senate-House committee working on a compromise over a new state gas tax has delayed its work until Monday.


It’s looking more unlikely that Ohio lawmakers will decide on the size of a proposed gas tax in time to meet the March 31st deadline to have the transportation budget signed into law.

Governor Mike DeWine's office says the state gas tax would rise by 11-cents-per gallon in a deal reached Thursday with the speaker of the Ohio House on the state transportation budget. 

As Ohio House and Senate lawmakers work out differences in their proposed transportation budgets, there's one thing in the Senate's version that doesn't seem to have anything to do with transportation - a change in a tax credit designed for low-income people. 

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Governor Mike DeWine is trying a last ditch effort to push lawmakers back toward the gas tax increase that he originally proposed – which they slashed dramatically.

Ohio Department of Transportation

Major repairs to the Wilson Road bridge over I-70 will stretch over the next two weekends, starting today. 

An Ohio Senate committee has proposed cutting Republican Governor Mike DeWine's gas tax increase proposal from 18 cents a gallon to 6 cents, down from the House-approved 10.7 cents a gallon.

Republican Ohio Senate leaders say they plan on making more changes to the transportation budget, which might include further cuts to the Governor's proposed gasoline tax increase. 

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Ohio Senate leaders say it’s very likely they will make changes to the proposed gasoline tax increase. 


Mass transit advocates in Ohio got a surprise in the House version of the transportation budget – funding for public transportation rose by 150 percent over Governor Mike DeWine’s original proposal.  

The director of the Ohio Department of Transportation isn’t pleased with the decision by the House Finance Committee to cut Governor Mike DeWine’s proposed 18 cent gas tax increase to just under 11 cents.

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Hours after Republican Governor Mike DeWine argued for an 18 cent gas tax increase to fund road repair and maintenance in his State of the State speech, majority Republicans in the Ohio House significantly cut his requested amount.

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther and other city leaders said Monday they support a bill raising the state's gas tax by 18 cents a gallon to help maintain roads and bridges. 

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In his gubernatorial campaign last year, Republican Mike DeWine accusedDemocratic opponent Rich Cordray of planning to raise taxes.

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As state officials try to figure out how to plug a billion dollar hole in the road construction and repair budget, Ohio House Democrats are proposing a 25-fold increase in state funding for public transportation.