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Ohio is among the top states for several agricultural crops and for food production and processing. But while farming is considered an essential business under the various shutdown orders, it's a tough time for those who run the state's 76,000 farms. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles has more.

Ohio farmers say they're on board with the state's plans to slow agricultural runoff into Lake Erie, which Governor Mike DeWine has said is the biggest contributor to toxic algae blooms.

U.S. Department of Agriculture data shows Ohio has the highest rate of acreage on which insured farmers were prevented from planting because of poor spring weather. 

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has announced plans to increase funding to fight algae growth in Lake Erie in his upcoming state budget proposal. 

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Farmers are criticizing Ohio Governor John Kasich’s executive order to implement tougher regulations on farm fertilizer runoff.

A new Ohio EPA report finds the phosphorous and nitrogen feeding Lake Erie's toxic algae blooms have not clearly decreased over the past five years, despite recent voluntary efforts to reduce agriculture runoff and other sources.

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Ohio lawmakers are considering giving farmers a break on their rising property tax bills.

Ohio farmers are seeing their property taxes increase dramatically thanks to a formula used to set a value on their farmland.

In 2015 Ohio, Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario pledged to seek a 40 percent reduction in phosphorous runoff into Lake Erie within a decade.

The future of marijuana in Ohio is uncertain after the resounding defeat of an effort to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use in a single vote.  Few people, however, believe the fight is over.  

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Backers of the marijuana legalization constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot next month say there are good jobs at stake.

Ohio farmers are seeing  their property taxes increase at a time when grain prices along with demand for  corn and soy beans have declined. 

AG Investigating Bottled Water Price Gouging In Toledo

Aug 5, 2014

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins has lifted the water ban put in place because of toxins from algae that contaminated Lake Erie.

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins this morning lifted the water ban that left 400,000 Ohio and Michigan residents scrambling for water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

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May 9, 2014

Ohio farmers are behind schedule in their planting this spring, and they blame the season's cold, wet weather.

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Ohio is on track to have a strong corn crop this year.

Farmer's Group Opposes Runoff Regulation

May 7, 2013

Farm fertilizer runoff has been causing toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.