Ohio film tax credit

Ohio Public Radio

The two-year state budget bill is headed to a conference committee Tuesday to work out significant differences between the Ohio House and Senate versions.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Senate Republicans made sweeping changes to the House version of the two-year state budget bill, including larger tax cuts and restored tax breaks.

There’s a blockbuster battle brewing over a small tax credit that was cut in the House version of the budget.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio House lawmakers have proposed reducing state income taxes for low- and moderate-income people in their version of the two-year state budget proposal.  

The Buckeye Institute

A conservative think tank has issued t a list of ways it thinks Governor Mike DeWine is wasting 2.5 billion dollars in his state budget proposal.

The Ohio House is considering a bill giving a 25 percent tax credit to musicians who use Ohio recording studios for projects costing more than 10 thousand dollars.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed into law a bill increasing the cap on the state's motion picture tax credit at 40 million dollars per project each year.

Two bills have been introduced in the state legislature that would significantly increase the value of the Ohio Film Tax Credit.

Benefits Of State Film Tax Credits Debated

Jun 6, 2013

As more films are made in the state, there is renewed debate over the tax credits Ohio is using to lure movie makers here.