Ohio Governor John Kasich

Outgoing Ohio Governor John Kasich apparently will not grant clemency to the key figure in the Coingate scandal over a decade ago.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is fining a Cleveland-area investment firm 100 thousand dollars over recent campaign contributions that federal officials say violated pay-to-play rules. 

Some members of the Republican National Committee and grassroots Republicans are backing an effort to block potential primary challengers to President Trump, even though party insiders are insisting it is too late to change the rules for the 2020 campaign.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich Friday signed into law a criminal sentencing reform measure named for a slain Ohio State University student. 

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Ohio Governor John Kasich has vetoed a proposal to increase death benefits and insurance coverage for the families of slain public safety officers after lawmakers inserted into the bill an increase in elected officials' pay. 

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In what was billed as his last public appearance as governor, John Kasich said Wednesday there's a reason Ohio Republicans won the state's top offices and many legislative seats in the midterms when their colleagues elsewhere did not. 

Outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he'd prefer to run for president as a Republican, but only if he's entering a primary he could win. 

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As state lawmakers race toward the end of this lame duck legislative session, they’ve been considering two bills that Governor John Kasich opposes – the six-week “Heartbeat Bill” abortion ban and the “Stand Your Ground” self-defense bill.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich now says he is strongly considering running for president in 2020. 

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Though he’s had some issues with the Statehouse press corps, Ohio’s governor is defending the role of the media. 

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The replacement for the earthen Buckeye Lake dam that had deteriorated to the point where authorities had said it was at risk ofcatastrophic failure has officially opened.  

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Ohio Governor John Kasich has ordered flags lowered to half-staff following a gunman's attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday that killed 11 people.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has now spoken publicly about why he fired the Ohio Department of Agriculture director.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has fired state agriculture director Dave Daniels in a dispute over toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.

Democratic U.S. Senator Kamala Harris on Sunday urged Ohio Democrats to channel their anger, anxiety and sadness about the confirmation process involving new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh into ousting Republicans from power this fall. 

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Ohio Governor John Kasich talked about teaming up with community colleges to develop workers' high tech skills  as he opened the Midwestern Governors Association workforce summit Wednesday in Columbus.

A new Washington Post poll shows 60 percent of Americans disapprove of President Trump's job peformance, and 49 percent say impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. 

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Records show Ohio's Inspector General declined to investigate allegations of collusion and political manipulation involving the governor and attorney general. 

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Ohio Governor John Kasich remains concerned about the future of Medicaid expansion after he leaves office in five months. 

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is skipping a Republican Party fundraiser in Columbus Friday, where President Trump is the headliner.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich wants to use a projected budget surplus on the state rainy day fund and lower withholding taxes.

Republican Ohio Governor Jonn Kasich says President Trump was not invited to appear at Saturday's campaign rally in Delaware County by the GOP candidate involved.

President Trump turned his wrath on basketball superstar LeBron James Friday night, and Republican Ohio Governor John Kaisch is among those coming to the defense of the Akron native.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is using an unusual procedure that will allow a gun bill to become law without his signature. 

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Ohio Governor John Kasich  has signed int law a bill that increases penalties for drug trafficking and some other drug offenses when the drug involved is a fentanyl-related compound.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed into law a proposal cracking down on the payday lending industry. 

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Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich has asked the state Parole Board to hold a hearing on a clemency request for a former GOP donor and Toledo-area coin dealer convicted in the state's 'Coingate' scandal. 

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During his appearance at the Ohio State Fair yesterday, Ohio Governor John Kasich blasted the Trump administration's trade war with China and the effect it is having on Ohio farmers.

A convicted killer whose execution was delayed because of a juror’s letter won’t be put to death. 

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The state has deposited more than 650 million dollars into its rainy day fund.