Ohio Governor John Kasich

A new Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters shows Ohio Governor and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich has the least amount of name recognition among his peers.

Ohio Governor John Kasich finished 2nd in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary on Tuesday.

The cost of Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich's security detail has risen since he began running for president last year. 


A judge has declared the evidence-gathering phase closed in the Libertarian Party of Ohio's protracted lawsuit over disqualification of two of its statewide candidates in 2014. 

Allies of Republican Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich have filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over a new attack ad funded by a group that does not disclose its donors.

The Ohio Republican Party’s governing body has voted to endorse Governor John Kasich's presidential bid. 

Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich  wants more state income tax cuts in a year that saw certain small-business taxes reduced to zero and across-the-board reductions statewide.

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Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail after a major rally in Columbus.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening to sue fellow candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich over an ad run by Kasich's political action committee.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will host a rally at the Greater Columbus Convention Center this coming Monday night.

Ohio's John Kasich is among several governors moving to temporarily halt acceptance of Syrian refugees following Friday's deadly attacks in Paris.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill that seeks to avert an unintended tax increase on some small businesses that was contained in a state budget provision.

Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor and U.S. Senator George Voinovich says he's backing Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich for president. 

Republican Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich says he will eliminate the U.S. Department of Commerce if he wins the White House.

Republican Ohio Govenor John Kasich has signed into law a charter school crackdown bill containing new performance, accountability and reporting requirements. 

Ohio Governor John Kasich has stayed away from attacking his fellow Republican presidential candidates in the two previous debates, but he sounded a much more aggressive tone in a pre-debate rally today. 

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The so-called "right to work" bill banning employers from requiring workers to pay dues to unions has now been introduced in the state legislature.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Republican Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich is third among Ohio Republicans, behind Donald Trump and Ben Carson. 

A progressive-leaning campaign watchdog group is accusing allies of Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich of breaking elections and ethics laws to donate to Kasich's super PAC. 

Running for president is a marathon of rallies, town halls and speeches, and it means a lot of time away from home.

For the first time in state history, there is now a set of minimum standards for police use of deadly force and recruitment. 


Next weekend the state’s leading anti-abortion group will be hosting a presidential candidate – and it’s not Governor John Kasich. 

State of Ohio

The panel that’s working on police-community relations has come up with drafts of standards on use of force, recruitment and hiring.

A last minute surge in the polls put Governor John Kasich on the primetime stage for the nation's first Republican presidential debate of the 2016 campaign season last night in Cleveland.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has made the cut of 10 for the first Republican debate. 

The final cast for the first Republican presidential debate of this election cycle should be known tomorrow. 

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Ohio Governor John Kasich has officially joined the large field of presidential hopefuls vying for the Republican nomination.

Ohio Governor John Kasich made his official entry into the 2016 Republican presidential race.  

An Ohio Department of Education official has resigned after acknowledging he excluded failing grades for charter schools in evaluations of the schools' overseers.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich has been traveling around the country in recent weeks, laying the groundwork for his presidential campaign.