Ohio Inspector General

The Ohio Inspector General's office says employees of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and several elected officials violated state ethics laws by accepting a free charter boat fishing trip last summer.  

The Ohio Inspector General says an information technology executive with ties to then-Governor John Kasich's administration worked to improperly steer as much as 9 million dollars in state contracts to his private company. 

The Ohio Inspector General's office says more than 12 million dollars in state contracts were improperly laundered through a shell company to benefit a group of companies. 

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A new policy is starting today at the state’s purchasing agency – which investigations show wasn’t following its own rules in awarding some no-bid contracts to outside consultants.

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Records show Ohio's Inspector General declined to investigate allegations of collusion and political manipulation involving the governor and attorney general.

The Ohio Inspector General's office says the state's government contracting agency lacks rules for ensuring equal and fair competitive bidding by outside IT vendors.

The Ohio Inspector General says a state technology administrator wrongly solicited a 37 thousand dollar sponsorship fee from a company that has received millions of dollars in state contracts.

A state parole officer is under investigation amid claims of inappropriate conduct. 

The Ohio Inspector General's office says a former Department of Administrative Services IT supervisor possibly violated ethics laws by pursuing and accepting a job with a state vendor while managing that vendor's multi-million dollar contract.

The Ohio Inspector General's office says a former Ohio Department of Education administrator used state resources to lobby for her personal business.

The Ohio Inspector General says the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction overpaid food service contractor Aramark Correctional Services by more than 57 thousand dollars, due to an inflated inmate count at the London Correctional Institution.

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The Ohio Inspector General's office says Belmont Correctional Institution warden Michele Miller improperly offered inmates credit for community-service hours in exchange for 1 dollar donations to charities of her choice.

Ohio Inspector General's Office

One of the state prison inmates accused of illegal computer building at the Marion Correctional Institution has been identified.

State officials are investigating illegal computer construction at the Marion Correctional Institution. 

The Ohio Inspector General's office says the state overpaid 18 government employees by nearly 50 thousand dollars  for cashing out unused vacation time.

The Ohio Inspector General's office says a now-retired Ohio Department of Natural Resources official could face criminal charges for accepting payment for hours not worked, using his state vehicle for personal purposes, and misusing his state cell phone and email account.


The Ohio Inspector General says the federal government accepted dozens of fraudulent student aid applications filed using the identities of 62 Ohio prison inmates.

The Ohio Inspector General says former Ohio State Dental Board director Lili Reitz improperly shared information about an anonymous complaint with a former board member.

A state employee has been fired after Ohio's official watchdog found he misused state time to campaign for Republicans.

Republican Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor says her office has made some of the changes recommended in an Inspector General's report that said a former top aide got paid after claiming that traveling to salon appointments was work.

The state's top investigator says he's found reasonable cause of wrongdoing by a former top aide to the Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor and another of her employees.  

The Ohio Inspector General's office says a full-time Department of Medicaid employee improperly used state hours and resources working a side job under a contract she was awarded by another state agency.

The Ohio Inspector General's office says an employee at the Southeastern Correctional Complex in Lancaster stole over 22,000 from the prison last year.  

A former Ohio Lottery Commission employee has been indicted on charges of stealing 115 thousand dollars in instant lottery tickets and cashing 70 thousand dollars worth of winners in 2012 and 2013. 

An Ohio Inspector General's investigation has concluded that more than 14,700 gallons of fuel were not accounted for from two Ohio Department of Transportation tanks in Clinton County.

Tom Charles Retires

Aug 1, 2013

State Public Safety Director Tom Charles retired yesterday to meet a key retirement benefit deadline under state pension reform.

ODOT Meets Federal Stimulus Mandates

Jun 11, 2013

Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer says the Ohio Department of Transportation successfully met mandated provisions of the federal economic stimulus package requiring infrastructure projects to be "shovel ready."

The job of Ohio’s Inspector General is to investigate corruption and wrong-doing in all of the governor's cabinet-level agencies.  

Former Ohio Schools Superintendent Stan Heffner will not face criminal charges, despite questions about his work for an educational testing contractor.