Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund

U.S. Attorney's Office

Columbus Police vice officer Andrew Mitchell has retired less than a week  after being indicted on kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges.

A Franklin County judge Friday denied a temporary restraining order in the lawsuit seeking to maintain current healthcare coverage for retired Ohio first responders. 

Nearly eight thousand retired first responders have filed a class-action lawsuit against the board of the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund over recent changes to their health care.  

Pension changes could cost retired Ohio first responders their healthcare.  

The Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund board has reached a deal that aligns the fund with state law while raising costs and lowering benefits by 570 million dollars.

Lawmaker Says Pension Fund Board Deceiving Members

Sep 13, 2013

Officials are arguing over one of the state's pension system's plan and whether or not it meets state funding requirements.

Report: Pension Fund On Uncertain Long-Term Footing

Sep 10, 2013

A consultant's report shows the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund is still on uncertain long-term fiscal ground.