Ohio State University

Ohio State University is offering current students the chance to take some extra classes for free this spring.

Ohio State University says its private parking contractor CampusParc has decided not to charge a parking fee to residents of the Buckeye Village apartment complex for at least a year.

Residents of Ohio State University's family apartments will have to pay for their parking spaces.

Ohio State University president Gordon Gee says he'll ask the school's trustees to freeze undergraduate tuition for in-state students at just over ten-thousand-dollars a year.

A memorial service will be held on campus Friday for the first director of Ohio State University's Black Studies program.

OSU To Study Shale Energy

Feb 12, 2013

Ohio State University and West Virginia University say they've signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a joint program on shale energy research.

More surveillance cameras will be installed around the Ohio State University campus.

OSU Launches Financial Aid Campaign

Feb 1, 2013

Ohio State University is launching a campaign today to raise 100 million dollars from the community to pay for scholarships for needy and high-achieving students.

OSU To Require Sophomores To Live On Campus

Jan 15, 2013

Ohio State University says new rule requiring sophomore students to live on campus will improve graduation and retention rates.

Some Ohio State University students are working to improve off-campus housing.

Ohio State University is the hottest online search item in Central Ohio.

Ohio State university says apparel partnerships

President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are scheduled to speak in Ohio this evening.

Ohio State University President Gordon Gee has spent 7.7 million dollars on top of his record-setting compensation to travel, entertain, and maintain his 96-hundred square-foot mansion.

More than 11-hundred Ohio State University students evacuated from their dorm rooms because of a water leak may now return.

An investigation continues into a crash that sent an Ohio State University student to the hospital.

Ohio State University trustees are scheduled to vote today a plan to build new dormitories for sophomores.

The director of Ohio State University's Sea Grant program predicts this year's toxic blue-green algae bloom in Lake Erie's Western Basin will be much smaller than last year. A team of researchers collaborated on a seasonal algae prediction, saying this year will be mild compared with worsening blooms over the past few years. The team says there's been less rain than usual, reducing the phosphorus from raw sewage and farm fertilizer runoff that feeds algae growth. The algae produce bacteria that can kill animals and sicken humans.

Some news out of Ohio State University today as the school announced that Les Wexner will leave his spot on OSU's Board of Trustees.  The university gave no reason for Wexner's departure.