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The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear a Licking County country club's appeal of orders that it sell back a lease to the state historical agency to provide public access to ancient burial mounds. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled a foreclosure process that sells homes without compensating owners for their equity is legal. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the city of Toledo may no longer send appeals of traffic camera tickets to a city-paid administrative hearing officer. 

An Ohio prisoner who confessed to killing a fellow inmate in a letter has been convicted and sentenced to death. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld a law that changed how the state intervenes in repeatedly poor-performing school districts. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a wrongfuld death lawsuit brought against retail giant Amazon.

A package of proposed election law changes aimed at making voting easier in Ohio has been restored to a single ballot issue rather than being split into four questions. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has sided with a coalition that’s pushing a voting rights amendment for this fall’s ballot. The justices rejected a decision made by majority Republicans on the state ballot board to split the amendment into four parts.

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A citizens group is taking a complaint against the Medina County Board of Elections to the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Champaign County prosecutor's office is opposing a convicted school shooter's request for the Ohio Supreme Court to hear his appeal. 

A divided state Supreme Court has accepted an appeal by Ohio's capital city fighting to keep its ban on bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly.

The fate of Ohio's nuclear plant bailout law could be up to the state's Supreme Court, with parties arguing over two potential cases.

This week brought a close to one chapter for Ohio's nuclear power plant bailout law, House Bill 6. But another could be starting. 

The Ohio Supreme Court struck down a Cleveland law requiring public works construction projects to hire city residents for 20 percent of the work, or the city could cut their contract price by 2.5 percent. 

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Ohio legislators passed a law in 2006 preventing local governments from passing any gun laws that are more restrictive than those enacted at the state level. 

The City of Columbus is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to rule individuals have no right to sue the city to overturn gun restrictions. 

FirstEnergy Solutions, the owner of Ohio's two nuclear power plants, is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to stop a potential ballot issue to repeal the state’s new nuclear bailout law.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled state employees may be fired while they're still in probationary periods. 

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Former Democratic Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has announced plans to seek a seat next year on the Ohio Supreme Court. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal in a lawsuit by the family of a slain Ohio State University student.

The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by the Women's Med Center in Dayton.

The Ohio Supreme Court has scheduled an execution in 2024 for a death row inmate convicted of a 1996 killing that authorities say was race-related.

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments in an appeal involving a lawsuit over claims that a television station falsely labeled three siblings as "robbers." 

The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended the law license of a Bexley attorney for his involvement in a tax fraud scheme at a south side pill mill. 

The state is arguing lawmakers didn't violate the Ohio Constitution or a procedural rule when they passed House Bill 70, which shifted control of poor-performing school districts.

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of an Ohio man sentenced to death for killing three unemployed men lured by fake online job offers in 2011. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the state prison system must share more requested records on the acquisition and supply of its lethal injection drugs.

An Ohio Supreme Court panel has recommended indefinitely suspending the law license of Franklin County Appeals Court Judge Tim Horton for having sex with a former intern and for vulgar conversations with a secretary that was peforming campaign work for him at his direction.

A three-judge panel has dismissed a complaint that a Republican Ohio Supreme Court justice failed to recuse himself from cases involving his father, state Attorney General and Governor-elect Mike DeWine. 

Democrats have won both Ohio Supreme Court seats, cutting into total GOP control of the court.