Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts

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Opponents of Ohio's nuclear plant bailout law are ending their attempt to overturn it. 

The fate of Ohio's nuclear plant bailout law could be up to the state's Supreme Court, with parties arguing over two potential cases.

This week brought a close to one chapter for Ohio's nuclear power plant bailout law, House Bill 6. But another could be starting. 

The group fighting Ohio's nuclear plant bailout law has argued in federal court they should get an extension of their petition drive to put a repeal on the ballot. 

The group collecting signatures to put Ohio's nuclear bailout bill on next years ballot says they will not submit their petitions by today's deadline.  

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A week from today, the group that wants to overturn Ohio’s nuclear power plant bailout law is required to submit nearly 266,000 valid petition signatures to halt that law and put it before voters next year.

The U.S. Supreme Court's controversial Citizens United ruling a decade ago helped bring hundreds of millions of dollars into political campaigns without having to disclose the source or sources.

The fight over Ohio's new nuclear bailout law has apparently hit at street level. A person gathering signatures to put the bailout on next year's ballot called police to report an assault.

FirstEnergy Solutions, the owner of Ohio's two nuclear power plants, is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to stop a potential ballot issue to repeal the state’s new nuclear bailout law.

Ohio Public Radio

Opponents hoping to overturn a bailout of Ohio's nuclear and coal-fired plants have cleared an initial hurdle to put the issue before voters next year.

The battle lines have been drawn for the fight over Ohio's new energy law. 

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A group may now begin collecting campaign funds for a possible referendum on the state's new energy law.