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The Cuyahoga County Council has delayed enforcement of the ban on single-use plastic bags until July.

Giant Eagle says it will phase out all single-use plastic bags by 2025.  

The Ohio House has approved a bill prohibiting local communities from banning single use plastic bags.

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State lawmakers are considering two Republican-backed bills eliminating current and future bans on single-use plastic bags enacted by local governments.

Cleveland City Council last night voted to delay for six months the adoption of Cuyahoga County’s ban on plastic bags.

Bans on single-use plastic bags in Bexley and in Cuyahoga County are scheduled to take effect in January. 

Plastic waste gets a lot of attention when photos of dead whales with stomachs full of plastic bags hit the news. Pieces of plastic also litter cities, and tiny plastic particles are even floating in the air.

Largely overlooked is how making plastic in the first place affects the environment, especially global warming. Plastic actually has a big carbon footprint, but so do many of the alternatives to plastic. And that's what makes replacing plastic a problem without a clear solution.

Public shame.

That's the tactic one Canadian grocery store used to get customers to ditch single-use plastics and instead utilize reusable shopping bags.

Shoppers who didn't bring their own bags to East West Market in Vancouver, British Columbia, left with groceries in plastic bags that read "Wart Ointment Wholesale," "Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium" or "The Colon Care Co-Op."

Bexley is one of three Ohio communities banning the use of plastic shopping bags to help protect the environment. 

Two governmental bodies on Tuesday approved legislation banning the use of plastic bags.

Bexley City Council today is expected to approve legislation banning plastic bags and other plastic products. 

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A campaign to reduce the number of plastic bags being dumped in the Franklin County Landfill begins on Saturday.