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A nationally-recognized hate group is trying to recruit new members from some college campuses in Ohio.

A study by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland shows President Trump's revised travel ban could worsen Ohio's shortage of medical professionals.

A small and peaceful pro-Trump rally at the Statehouse broke into a rowdy clash of words as opponents  arrived on the scene Saturday.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich says there is no animosity between him and President Trump, his former campaign rival.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is spending the weekend in Washington D.C.

Ohio Governor John Kasich will have a one-on-one meeting with President Trump this week.

A refugee resettlement group operating in Columbus says it is closing because of President Trump's executive order affecting refugees and immigrants.

The Ohio Air National Guard says President Trump's first visit to the state since his inauguration has been canceled.

A federal judge in Cleveland is weighing in on President Trump's personal criticism of other judges without mentioning the president by name.

Organizers of last week's downtown Columbus protest rally that drew nearly two thousand people want to start their own political party.

A Cleveland Clinic resident forced to return to Saudi Arabia from New York when the Trump administration's travel ban took effect has returned to Ohio. 

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The fight over how the state should deal with immigration issues has Statehouse Republicans and Democrats backing different bills.

While confusion continues over President Trump's executive order on immigration, and Statehouse  Republican and Democrats are squaring off over "sanctuary cities" bills, the Columbus Board of Education last night approved a resolution promising a safe environment for all students and staff, regardless of immigration status.

Hundreds of people gathered in Cleveland to protest President Trump's order that temporarily banned travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

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A top Ohio Democrat has voiced his concern that President Trump's executive orders reflect white nationalist rhetoric.

More than 70 people protesting President Donald Trump's ban on immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations were arrested at the Ohio University student union building last night.

Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio says he opposes President Trump's U.S. Supreme Court nominee, 49-year-old federal district judge Neil Gorsuch.

Three Ohio Republicans are challenging Democratic Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley's designation of the queen city as a "sanctuary city."

A Cleveland Clinic resident forced out of the U.S. by President Trump's immigration ban has filed a lawsuit against the chief executive.

Columbus police used pepper spray gas to disperse a crowd of protesters who were blocking the intersection of High and State Streets last night.

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Columbus City officials yesterday responded to executive orders from President Trump banning refugees and immigrants from some countries with a majority Muslim population.

An internal medicine resident at the Cleveland Clinic is among those refused entry to the U.S. under an executive order by President Trump.

An Ohio State University student has been reunited with his wife after a weekend of uncertainty.


President Trump's ban on accepting refugees from several Middle East countries was the reason hundreds of people rallied yesterday at the Glenn airport in Columbus.