Renewable Energy

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California has established an ambitious goal of relying entirely on zero-emission energy sources for its electricity by the year 2045.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating the electricity target on Monday. He also issued an executive order calling for statewide carbon neutrality — meaning California "removes as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it emits" — by the same year.

Clean energy advocates have released a new report on the growth of the industry and why it's important to strengthen standards and investments in renewables.

The Ohio Power Siting Board has recommended the state allow construction of a 126 million dollar, six-turbine wind farm on Lake Erie with conditions.   

A German energy company is in talks to purchase a planned wind farm in Champaign County despite mounting opposition.

A new poll by a clean energy group could change the debate over the issue at the Statehouse during this election season. 

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The U.S. solar industry is booming, in large part because of cheap, imported solar panels. But a U.S. trade commission says those imports also hurt manufacturers here. It's offering recommendations to President Trump on how to repair that damage, but the industry is divided over whether any remedy would do more harm than good.

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Officials in the wind energy industry say they can't create new projects in Ohio due to regulations over where turbines may be placed.

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State lawmakers are gearing up for another round in the fight over renewable energy standards.

A new U.S. Department of Energy report shows steady demand remains in Ohio for small-scale wind energy projects.

An Athens County school hopes to generate 80 percent of its electricity through a new solar plant.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich has vetoed a bill that would have made compliance with the state's renewable energy standards optional for the next three years.

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The Ohio House has tentatively scheduled session dates next week to consider overriding one or more vetoes by Governor John Kasich.

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The future of green energy in Ohio is murky after lawmakers decided to continue a freeze on renewable energy standards.

The Ohio House has approved a bill making compliance with the state's renewable energy mandates optional for the next three years.

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An Ohio House committee has approved a bill changing the state's green energy policy landscape, amid a battle over extending the freeze on  green energy standards.

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While state lawmakers continue to fight over whether to extend the 2014 freeze on Ohio's clean energy standards, a new report shows keeping them in place can position the state to be an industry leader.

Native Americans, environmentalists and allied groups in Ohio staged a rally outside of Columbus City Hall Monday, using prayers, speeches and traditional singing to protest a planned pipeline near native lands, and to call on Ohio to support more renewable energy.

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A new report shows growth in clean energy jobs in Ohio.

State renewable energy requirements would be suspended indefinitely under recommendations of the legislative Energy Mandates Study Committee.

Environmental groups continue their push for stronger green energy policies.

Though there’s some controversy in Ohio around energy standards and proposals, a national group calling for attention to climate change says the state has the power to shift federal policy and demand clean energy development. 

Environmental advocates are weighing in on what they’d like to see accomplished at the Statehouse this year.

A research group says a new law freezing the state's green energy standards has led to significant declines in Ohio's wind and solar industries.

The increased publicity of a green energy jobs report paid for by the state has sparked an argument over how forward the Kasich administration was in revealing its findings. 

Manufacturers Form Lobbying Group

Oct 9, 2014

Seven large Ohio manufacturers have formed a new lobbying group.

Governor Expected To Sign Energy Standards Bill

May 29, 2014

The bill freezing Ohio's renewable energy standards for two years has cleared the Legislature.

An Ohio House committee has canceled its hearing on legislation freezing the state's renewable energy and efficiency standards.

A key Ohio  House committee has canceled its hearing on legislation halting the phase-in of  renewable energy and efficiency standards. 

The Ohio Attorney General has rejected a petition for a ballot measure requiring billions of dollars worth of state investments in alternative energy.

A Glimpse Of Ohio's Green Energy Industry

May 16, 2014

Critics of a bill to freeze Ohio's energy standards say it threatens to dismantle the green energy industry.