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The Ohio Medical Board is asking a federal judge to deny Ohio State University’s request to release confidential information from its probe of Richard Strauss, the deceased physician accused of sexually abusing former student atheletes. 

Ohio State University wants to publicly share information about a confidential State Medical Board investigation involving the team doctor now accused of decades-old sexual misconduct against more than 150 former students.

A senior federal judge from Cincinnati will handle the mediation of two lawsuits filed against Ohio State University by scores of men alleging the university ignored or failed to stop sexual misconduct by a team doctor.

The whistleblower who helped spur an investigation into alleged, decades-old sexual abuse by an Ohio State team doctor has pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor telecommunications harassment charge in a tangentially related case.   

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A federal judge has ordered mediation proceedings begin by the end of the month between Ohio State University and the plaintiffs in two lawsuits alleging the school failed to stop sexual misconduct decades ago by a team doctor.

The Ohio Medical Board confirms it has records about the investigation of a complaint involving former Ohio State University team doctor Richard Strauss, who is accused of sexual misconduct against students decades ago.

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Two former Ohio State University students who say they were sexually abused by the late team doctor Richard Strauss are calling on the university to accept their offer to enter mediation in their lawsuit. 

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A bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations in civil rape and sexual abuse cases is getting a boost from a nationally known attorney. 

Twenty-nine more plaintiffs have joined a lawsuit against Ohio State University by alumni who say they're victims of sexual misconduct by a late team doctor. 

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Ohio State University trustees will hear directly from former students who say they were sexually abused by a late team doctor over his two decades at the school.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is planning to run for U.S. House minority leader.

About three dozen former students have joined a federal lawsuit alleging Ohio State University officials knew about and didn't stop a former team doctor accused of sexual misconduct against athletes and other men decades ago.

The first former Ohio State University athlete to report allegations of sexual misconduct against a former team doctor has been sentenced on an unrelated criminal charge.

Ohio State University has been billed about 1.5 million dollars and counting for the investigation into the late former team doctor accused of sexual misconduct against scores of athletes and other men. 

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A man who says he was abused by the late former Ohio State University doctor Richard Strauss in the 1990s wants state lawmakers to get rid of the time limit to file legal claims of sexual abuse.

Former employees say the Ohio State University team doctor accused of groping young men decades ago also had an off-campus men's clinic, which ran ads in the campus newspaper promising quick treatment of genital problems.

Ohio State University wants a judge to dismiss three federal lawsuits filed by former students alleging sexual misconduct by a team doctor. 

The U.S. Department of Education's civil rights office will investigate Ohio State University's response to allegations a late team doctor sexually abused scores of athletes and other male students in the 1980s and 1990s. 

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Ohio State University wants a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit against the school's diving club, USA Diving and a former assistant coach.

A former Ohio State Unversity nurse says he was sexually abused by the late doctor Richard Strauss.

Former UFC champion Mark Coleman says he's one of the victims of the late Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss, who's been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 100 former athletes.

President Trump turned his wrath on basketball superstar LeBron James Friday night, and Republican Ohio Governor John Kaisch is among those coming to the defense of the Akron native.

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Two former Ohio State wrestlers are sharing text messages they received asking them to walk back their statements against Ohio Republican congressman Jim Jordan.  

Advocacy groups are calling for the U.S. Department of Education to investigate how Ohio State University responded to a late doctor's alleged sexual misconduct against male athletes and other students over two decades.

Ten more former student atheletes are suing Ohio State University over alleged sexual misconduct by a now-dead team doctor. 

More than 100 former student athletes have reported "firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct" committed by Ohio State University physician Richard Strauss nearly two decades ago, the school announced on Friday.

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The law firm investigating allegations that a late Ohio State University physician sexually abused students has documentation about at least one incident that prompted a complaint to a student health center official in the 1990s. 

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Two former divers have filed a lawsuit accusing USA Diving of ignoring or obstructing inquiries into allegations that a former Ohio State University coach sexually abused them when they were young athletes.

Former Ohio State University president Gordon Gee and former human resources vice president Linda Tom say they don't remember hearing sexual abuse claims against a now deceased doctor when they worked there in the 1990s.

Democratic U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan should have known about allegations the Ohio State University wrestlers he coached were abused by their team doctor two decades ago.