Sales Tax

Republican Ohio Senate leaders say the two-year state budget plan they released yesterday represents some of the changes they wanted to make to the House version.

Ohio Public Radio

Textbooks can cost college students thousands of dollars a semester. State lawmakers are considering a plan to change that.

Some Ohio lawmakers are pushing a bill they say would save consumers, and in particular women, 4 million dollars a year.

Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers and policy advocates are sounding off in response to Governor John Kasich’s proposal to cut income taxes while increasing other taxes to pay for those tax cuts.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor John Kasich released his two year, 66.9 billion dollar state budget proposal yesterday.

Ohio Public Radio

Minority Democrats in the Ohio Legisature have laid out their agenda on economic and educational issues they say majority Republicans are ignoring.

Amazon is now collecting state sales tax thanks to a new agreement that means the company will put three data and cloud computing facilities in central Ohio.