School Funding

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Blaming the pandemic for negatively impacting state revenue, Governor Mike DeWine has ordered budget cuts, but is restoring some of the money that was cut from K-12 and higher education last year.

The Ohio House has approved a bi-partisan bill to overhaul the state’s unconstitutional school funding system.

But it remains uncertain whether the Senate will vote on it this month. Some GOP Senate lawmakers question the accuracy and feasibility of the eventual price tag, an estimated 2 billion dollars annually. Backers are urging action before year’s end, when several leave office and the legislative process restarts. But the leader of the Senate Finance Committee says the changes should be considered during next year’s state budget process.

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Using three quarters of a billion dollars in cuts and some reserve cash and federal Medicaid funding, the state has staved off a budget deficit for the fiscal year that ends on June 30.

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Democratic state lawmakers are pushing for legislation that phases-out EdChoice private school vouchers, which are based on public school performance.

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State Lawmakers who’ve wanted to stop the impending increase in the number of school buildings where students will be eligible for Ohio's largest private school voucher program say there’s a deal in the works.

Ohio’s public schools could lose millions of dollars to private schools through an expansion of the state’s biggest voucher program.

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Republican Ohio House speaker Larry Householder says the state may need to come up with a new school funding formula to reach a level of fairness, which could involve redistribution of wealth to poorer school districts.

Ohio voters Tuesday approved 73 pecent of the 154 public school district tax issues on ballots. 

Roughly 9 million children — nearly 1 in 5 public school students in the U.S. — attend schools that are racially isolated and receive far less money than schools just a few miles away. That's according to a sweeping new review of the nation's most divisive school district borders from EdBuild, a nonprofit that investigates school funding inequities.

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One of Governor Mike DeWine's 25 state budget vetoes killed a property tax reduction for certain homeowners in one wealthy school district, but not for others. 

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Backers of a bipartisan school funding formula overhaul are again trying to get it passed after failing to get their new formula in the state budget. 

A group of school districts that aren’t getting the money they say the state’s school funding formula calculates they should get are threatening a federal lawsuit if the issue isn’t resolved. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

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Republican Ohio House speaker Larry Householder says a bi-partisan school funding proposal introduced a few weeks ago won’t be part of the chamber's version of the state budget proposal, which will come out on Wednesday.

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The bi-partisan school funding plan proposed by two state lawmakers would cost one billion dollars more than the current formula. 

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The man who filed the 1991 lawsuit that led to Ohio's school funding formula being ruled unconstitutional four times says a new plan from two state lawmakers is on the right track. 

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Governors and state lawmakers have struggled for decades with school funding.

Karen Kasler

March 15 was the deadline for Governor Mike DeWine to release his two-year budget.

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The Ohio House and Senate are exploring their options when it comes to how the state gives money to e-schools.

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A new study by advocates for school choice shows charter schools in urban areas are underfunded.

The Ohio Department of Education and an advocacy group have proposed an agreement to settle a 25-year-old lawsuit about the education of students with disabilities.

 Columbus City Schools were closed Wednesday because of continued high heat and humidity. 

A report commissioned by three public school groups shows state funding for K-12 education hasn’t bridged the gap between rich and poor districts.  

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The Columbus Board of Education last night approved a plan to cut 61 staff positions in the upcoming school year, as part of a larger plan to head off a looming deficit triggered by reduced state funding.  

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The Columbus City Schools' board held a special meeting Wednesday night, to hear about revised recommendations to the list of possible budget cuts necessitated by reduced state funding.

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The relationship between Ohio Governor John Kasich and education leaders has been troubled for years.

Ohio Board of Education member A.J. Wagner has resigned because he's leaving the state.

85 Percent Of Local School Funding Issues Pass Statewide

Nov 4, 2015

The Ohio School Boards Association says voters approved 94 of the 110 school funding issues on local ballots in the state Tuesday.  

There will likely be a funding increase for K-12 public education in the next state budget, since lawmakers scrapped Goveror John Kasich’s proposal that would have resulted in less money for half the state’s more than 600 school districts.

Ohio largest teachers' union says it welcomes Governor John Kasich's effort to increase the money going to schools but questions how individual district allotments are being determined.  

Education leaders are sorting through the details of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s proposed changes to the state's school funding formula.