school safety

Governor Mike DeWine has signed an executive order creating the Ohio School Safety Center as a division of Ohio Homeland Security. 

The state crime lab is offering to use its drones to take aerial photos of Ohio schools that could help police respond to an active shooter or another emergency.  

Ohio is offering a free anonymous tip line designed to alert local law enforcement officials to school safety issues. 

Three universities are receiving bomb-sniffing dogs through a pilot program Ohio officials eventually hope to expand throughout the state's universities. 

The state Department of Transportation will award $4 million to Ohio schools this year for projects designed to help children from kindergarten through eighth grade walk or bike to school safely. 

An Ohio Senate committee opens hearing on safe schools tonight with a discussion of mental health and violence prevention.

State Senate Committee To Take Up School Safety

Feb 7, 2013

An Ohio Senate committee plans to hold hearings on school safety matters beginning next week with a meeting focused on incident prevention and mental health.