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The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit over the expansion of the state’s taxpayer-funded private school voucher program, saying the law that changed the program made the suit pointless. 

Columbus Board of Education member James Ragland is drawing criticism from the teachers union for appearing on a panel with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in suburban Columbus Thursday.

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The legislation making changes across a variety of state policies because of coronavirus also settled an issue that lawmakers had been struggling with for months. That’s the question of how many students would qualify next school year for the state’s largest private school voucher program.

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As conference committee hearings on a bill to change the state’s EdChoice private school voucher program continue, parents and students in that program came togetherto speak out for one of the two plans being debated by lawmakers.

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Democratic state lawmakers are pushing for legislation that phases-out EdChoice private school vouchers, which are based on public school performance.

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A lawsuit has been filed in the Ohio Supreme Court by families who are affected by the legislature's recently imposed 60-day moratorium on vouchers for the state's EdChoice program. 

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Ahead of a February 1 deadline for lawmakers to make a change to a school voucher program, the Ohio Senate has approved a House measure to delay the issue.

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The Ohio House has voted on a plan to move the start of the EdChoice voucher program application process to April 1, hours before it was supposed to start accepting applications on Saturday. 

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State lawmakers are expected to vote on a compromise that could stop a significant increase in the number of Ohipublic school buildings where students will be eligible for private school vouchers.

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State Lawmakers who’ve wanted to stop the impending increase in the number of school buildings where students will be eligible for Ohio's largest private school voucher program say there’s a deal in the works.

Ohio’s public schools could lose millions of dollars to private schools through an expansion of the state’s biggest voucher program.

In the last year, there's been a big drop in support for charter schools, while other forms of school choice are getting a little less unpopular. That's the top line of a national poll released today.

President Trump and his education secretary Betsy DeVos have put school choice front and center on their education agenda. The general idea of "choice," however, takes many forms.

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It is the education debate of the Trump era. With the president and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos using policy and the bully pulpit to champion private school vouchers, supporters and critics have tangled over the question:

Do low-income, public school students perform better when they're given a voucher to attend a private school?

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An Ohio lawmaker wants to change the eligibility rules for people who want to get scholarships from the state to send their kids to certain private schools.

Ohio school officials and education experts are waiting to see what President-Elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education will mean in a state that pioneered school vouchers. 

The Ohio Department of Education says students from 255 facilities in 31 districts will be eligible for the next round of state-funded scholarships that help youth from consistently underperforming public schools attend private schools. 

The school year is winding down – but some districts and families are preparing for next school year by looking into the state’s school voucher programs. 

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