Self-Driving Vehicles

A self-driving shuttle service that was ordered to stop carrying passengers in February has been cleared to resume operations with new safety precautions. 

Smart Columbus

Smart Columbus has ended its investigation of a self-driving shuttle in Linden that suddenly braked and caused a passenger to fall to the floor last February. 

Smart Columbus

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ordered an autonomous shuttle company to stop carrying passengers in 16 cities after a mysterious braking problem last week in Columbus that caused minor injuries to a passenger. 

Smart Columbus

Smart Columbus has halted a test of self-driving shuttles in Linden as official investigate why one unexpectedly stopped Thursday, causing a woman to fall from her seat. 

The self-driving Uber SUV involved in a crash that killed a Tempe, Ariz., woman last year did not recognize her as a jaywalking pedestrian and its braking system was not designed to avoid an imminent collision, according to a federal report released this week.

The conclusions by the National Transportation Safety Board were published ahead of a Nov. 19 meeting in Washington, D.C., called to discuss the cause of the crash and safety recommendations.

Ohio Public Radio

State officials Wednesday opened a 45 million dollar testing facility for self-driving vehicles in East Liberty.  

Columbus City Council last night approved a five dollar increase in vehicle registration fees. 

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An Arizona prosecutor has determined that Uber is not criminally liable in the death of a Tempe woman who was struck by a self-driving test car last year.

A union representing Ohio bus drivers is threatening to strike if state lawmakers allow driverless busses onto local streets. 

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed an executive order allowing smart vehicle testing on public roadways. 

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The National Transportation Safety Board, which is looking into the fatal crash last month of an SUV using Tesla's Autopilot system, said it is removing the high-tech automaker from the probe for improperly disclosing details of the investigation.

Tesla says it withdrew from the investigation.

The NTSB is examining last month's crash of a 2017 Tesla Model X near Mountain View, Calif. The vehicle crashed into a concrete lane divider, killing the driver, Walter Huang.

Unionized Central Ohio Transit Authority workers are waging a campaign against driverless buses.