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Sports betting in Ohio has been in limbo for months, since the Senate added its sports gambling bill to a House measure on veterans’ ID cards and the House rejected that change. The legislation is now in conference committee. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports on what’s being called the sticking point in those negotiations.

On the latest episode of Prognosis Ohio, part of the WCBE Podcast Experience, host Dan Skinner talks with David DeWitt, editor, as well as reporter Jake Zuckerman, both of the Ohio Capital Journal, to make sense of comings and goings at the Ohio Statehouse over the past few months.

The Ohio Senate has approved legislation legalizing sports betting in the state. The bill would allow betting at casinos, betting shops, sports bars, computers, mobile phones and pro sports stadiums.

Ohio lawmakers are rolling out another proposal to bring legalized sports betting to the state.

A coalition of bowling alleys, bars and other businesses that sell lottery games, and mayors is pushing back and rejecting any plan to allow Ohio’s four casinos to control sports gambling in the state. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports this comes as a proposal on sports gambling is set to come out of the Senate soon.

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Ohio lawmakers have introduced bills to legalize sports betting.

Two bi-partisan bills regulating how the state oversees sports gambling are in the legislature.

Ohio lawmakers have been considering legalizing sports betting since last June's U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the issue.

A bill to legalize sports betting in the state has been introduced in the Ohio House.