state school report cards

Majority Republicans in the Ohio Senate have made several amendments to a bill repeling and replacing the process used to take over failing school districs. 

Columbus City Schools will receive a "D" on the latest state report card, according to preliminary data from the Ohio Department of Education.  

An analysis of state school report cards conducted by a pro-charter school group shows Ohio has yet to reach its goal of having 65 percent of working-age adults hold college degrees or industry certificates by 2025. 

The Columbus City Schools' board voted Tuesday to proceed with an aggressive plan to pull away from last month’s dismal state report card grade – with the threat of a state takeover hanging over the district’s future.


The Ohio Board of Education has delayed until November a vote to change state school report cards. 


A new proposal would completely change the current state report card system. The bill would back off of the “A” through “F” grading scheme and offer a more comprehensive view.

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a strong supporter of charter schools,  says state report cards on public schools are unfair to those with high poverty rates. 

The Columbus City School district is asking staff awarded performance bonuses based on rigged data to give the money back.