Unemployment Claims

Andy Chow / Statehouse News Bureau

Aggressive measures to control the spread of the coronavirus in Ohio by closing businesses and schools, and ordering people to stay at home seem to be having the desired effect of flattening the curve of growing COVID-19 cases.  And Ohio Governor Mike DeWine indicated today it's time to plan for the next stage of Ohio's recovery from the pandemic.  


There are now 696,519 unemployment claims filed in Ohio, more claims in the past month than in the past two years.  Frustration and desparation has increased with wait times and disconnects, and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has raced to catch up with the need.  

The Ohio Channel

While states like New York  and California are being swamped by a tsunami of COVID-19 cases, Ohio continues to brace for the surge.  With 102 COVID-19 related deaths and over 3700 postive cases, Governor Mike DeWine warns it is coming.

The Labor Department says the number of claims for unemployment insurance benefits in Ohio fell last week by nearly 14-hundred.