Will Bohonyi

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

A former Ohio State University diving club coach has pleaded guilty to charges related to allegations he had sex with a diver when she was a teenager. 

The attorney for a former Ohio State diving club coach says his client plans to plead not guilty today to charges of having sex with a diver when she was a teenager. 

Ohio State University

Several female Ohio State University divers who say they were sexually abused and exploited by a former coach are dismissing claims against the school's Diving Club, which were part of a federal lawsuit. 

Ohio State University

Ohio State University wants a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit against the school's diving club, USA Diving and a former assistant coach. 

Ohio State University

Two former divers have filed a lawsuit accusing USA Diving of ignoring or obstructing inquiries into allegations that a former Ohio State University coach sexually abused them when they were young athletes.