World War II

Dwight David Eisenhower was one of the towering figures of the 20th century: A five-star general, he led the D-Day invasion and helped defeat the Nazis. A two-term president, he brought stability to postwar America.

Since his death in 1969, memories of the man called Ike have faded. But this week, the dedication of an Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, D.C., will bring him vividly back to mind.

This memorial is not like any other presidential monument in Washington. No sky-piercing white obelisk (George Washington), no massive, looming bronze statue (Abraham Lincoln.)

Federal authorities are now investigating an expedition to India funded by the Marysville community to recover the remains of World War II U.S. Army Air Corps service members from that city.  

More than 75 years after the aircraft carrier USS Hornet sank in a World War II battle, researchers have uncovered its wreckage 3 miles under the South Pacific Ocean.

The Hornet played a role in several key events of the war — including the Doolittle Raid on Japan and the pivotal Battle of Midway.

Since it sank, its resting place has been a mystery. An expedition crew, funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has been searching for "historically significant shipwrecks" using the Research Vessel Petrel.

On this week’s Shelf Discovery, Kristin meets a band of unlikely war heroes in author Liza Mundy’s Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II.

Title: Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II

Author: Liza Mundy

Pages: 329

Publisher: Hachette Books

ISBN: 978-0316352536

A slain World War II veteran from Grove City will be laid to rest this week. 

Ohio Public Radio

A former public school teacher and principal shared his stories of being a liberator of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, as part of the state's annual commemoration of the Holocaust.

Toledo Blade

A World War II veteran from Toledo is being recognized for his role in liberating France from Nazi forces. 

WW II Vet Gets Medals This Week

Jun 28, 2013

A 91-year-old veteran of World War II has received his medals.