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News from Chornyak & Associates

We at Chornyak & Associates wish our clients and friends all of the joys that the holiday season has to offer.  Let's all put aside our concerns for the country's financial future and have a truly peaceful and festive season with friends and family!  Columbus offers lots of holiday activities to extend the celebration outside the home.

Our feature article this month, provided by Commonwealth Financial Network, points out that no matter which party is in the White House, it is unlikely that there will be a negative influence on the stock market. The major influences on the market continue to be:  inflation, interest rates, market volatility, and taxes.  We agree that it is important to have a trusted financial advisor to develop a strategy for dealing with these factors.  You can contact us at 614-888-2121 (toll-free 877-389-2121), or by e-mail at: chornyak@chornyak.com.  

Kiplinger gives us some rather grim facts about the on-the-road record of drivers over 80, and suggests some ways of dealing with the issue.  If there is an aged driver in your family or someone close to you who fits the  cautions found in the article, perhaps it is time to think about options.

You may not experience difficulties with higher health care costs and their impact on hospital and doctors' bills, but our piece from mint.com presents a precautionary measure.  Be sure to read your medical bills carefully and know what you and/or your insurance company are paying for.  We are sometimes loath to deal with healthcare costs in the same way as we would auto repairs, but it is a good idea to ask questions.

Airline travel has become the brunt of jokes and a real source of dread for many people in these days of increased airport security.  However, some of the difficulties can be caused by the airlines themselves. Do you know, for example, what your rights are should you get bumped from a flight?  Read on.

What new innovation could change umbrella design forever?  Is there treasure hidden in garage sales and thrift shops?  Our "What's happening now" section answers these questions and more.

Sincere holiday greetings to all!

~ Joe Chornyak, Sr.

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