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Russian President Vladimir Putin attends an event via video on Wednesday. The Kremlin is downplaying the prospect of Ukraine peace talks after President Biden said he would speak to Putin if "he's looking for a way to end the war."
Mikhail Metzel
Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images
The Kremlin dismissed the idea of talks with President Biden to end the war in Ukraine and said its assault on Ukrainian infrastructure was an "inevitable" response to Kyiv's attacks.
Health, Science, Technology, Environment
This illustration made available by the National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health depicts cells in an Alzheimer's-affected brain. An experimental drug modestly slowed the brain disease's progression, researchers reported Tuesday.
In a large study, the experimental Alzheimer's drug lecanemab reduced the rate of cognitive decline by 27 percent in people in the early stages of the disease.
The WCBE Podcast Experience
Drs. VanNasdale and Wapner
Dan Skinner
In the first installment of an ongoing collaboration Prognosis Ohio has formed with the Ohio Journal of Public Health, Dan Skinner talks with Dean VanNasdale and Andy Wapner from The Ohio State University about their recent article (with colleagues) examining the state of vision care services and access under Medicaid in Ohio.
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