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The Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building. A study on judiciary workplace finds significant problems with the courts’ effort to police themselves.
Andrew Harnik/AP
A hard-hitting exclusive study on workplace issues within the federal judiciary finds fault with the courts’ efforts to police themselves, including a lack of oversight and little record-keeping.
Health, Science, Technology, Environment
 Corey Comperatore poses in a photo from a GoFundMe page dedicated to his daughter Allyson in the aftermath of his death. The GoFundMe has raised more than $400,000 so far.
Who was Corey Comperatore, the man killed in the assassination attempt at this weekend's Trump rally in Pennsylvania?
Arts & Life
Richard Simmons made it his life's work to make exercise fun — for everybody. He's pictured above in 1984.
American Broadcasting Companies
Getty Images
With his short shorts, sparkly tank tops, frizzy hair and flamboyant personality, Simmons created a fitness empire. He preached positivity, portion control, moving your body — and having fun.
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The Mifflin Softball Team joins City League Sports to reflect on the team's great season this year.
The Nelsonville Music Festival returns to Snow Fork Event Center in Nelsonville, Ohio July 26th through July 28th!
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They Will Be Performing At A&R Music Bar With Winser On April 4th.
Check out what's happening in Columbus.