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Welcome to the 2017 Spring Warp Drive!


Welcome to the 2017 Spring Warp Drive!

This year, we have an audacious goal: to not interrupt a single show for our annual Spring on-air fundraiser.

Simply put, WCBE wants to give you, our dedicated listeners, the opportunity to eliminate our on-air Spring fund drive entirely. Although the national fundraising period is scheduled to run March 30th through April 7th, we can use that time to broadcast what you really want to hear – your favorite shows, such as Morning Edition or The Global Village – without interruptions.  And we can do it with your help!

Until now, we’ve used the Warp Drive (our pre-fund drive) to shave a few days from the show-interrupting on-air fundraiser.  But many donors like you asked why we stopped there…why not shave every day and eliminate the Fund Drive altogether?

The simple answer is tradition; listeners have gotten used to the twice-a-year interruptions, and wait to donate until then.  That’s gone on for decades, becoming a flat stereotype parodied on everything from The Simpsons to Saturday Night Live.  When that happens, it’s time to shake things up, to innovate…and to develop something even better in the process!

When we raise $350,000 in advance, the entire on-air fundraiser will be cancelled, so you get your All Things Considered, Dinner Party Download, and more…full and complete.

Sound good?

Then get a head start and click Donate at the top of our homepage now!

-Caitlin Farkas

Member & Membership Director