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Tax measures to be voted on by Ohioans

Much attention has been  focused on the presidential race and other issues on the November ballot. But in 36 of the state's 88 counties, residents will be voting in an earlier election. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen explains.

August 7 is the day for special elections across Ohio. Elected officials have counted  62 local issues on the ballot. Most of them are property tax levies being proposed in school districts. But also on the list are tax proposals and other ballot issues for some Ohio towns and cities. For example, the village of Kelly's Island has a tax hike on the ballot. The village of Delta in Fulton County is proposing a tax hike for fire protection. And in Avon Lake, there's a tax measure to fund emergency services. The Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights has a measure on the ballot that would hike the city income tax another half-percent.