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Some Legislators Look To Block Common Core Requirements

Some Ohio legislators are making a late play to block implementation of new math and English standards that schools are required to phase in starting this school year. The so-called Common Core is a set of national expectations for students that Ohio’s state Board of Education adopted three years ago. There was little opposition at the time but that’s changing, as  Molly Bloom reports. 

These new standards aim to better prepare students for college and jobs, so they are tougher than Ohio’s current standards.  But State Representative Andy Thompson, a Republican from southeastern Ohio, says he does not think state lawmakers had a chance to “fully vet” the new standards. He plans to introduce a bill to halt Ohio’s use of the Common Core.

AT:  There’s questions that haven’t been answered. I’m going to fight as hard as I can to make sure that we get every question answered.

The state Board of Education and General Assembly did hold hearings and take public comment on the new standards before their approval.  A survey of Ohio school superintendents earlier this year found that about 70 percent thought the Common Core would improve Ohio schools.  The Republican chair of the House Education Committee agrees.

GS:  Change is hard and I understand that, but we’ll get through this, and when all is said and done if the Common Core standards withstand the scrutiny and remain in effect Ohio, Ohio students will be better off in the long term.”

Committee Chair Gerald Stebelton is not that worried. He says the anti-Common Core bill is not likely to get very far.