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Supporters Say Affordable Care Act Will Benefit Women

Supporters of the federal health care law say women, in particular, are benefiting from the new program. But as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, Republicans say it’s a bad deal for all Ohioans, regardless of gender.

Innovation Ohio’s Jenny Brodie is usually working on studies about issues but in this case, she says she’s a case in point when it comes to getting health care coverage under the affordable health care act.  You see, Brodie has a heart condition that has made it hard for her to get health care coverage in the past.

Brodie – I tried to buy my own health insurance on the individual market and I was turned down by every company I contacted.  The condition I have is an automatic rejection for most insurers so in my attempt to be responsible and make sure I was covered, no one would cover me.

Brodie says Obamacare will make sure she and other people with pre-existing conditions are able to get insurance coverage beginning in January.  But Democratic State Representative Kathleen Clyde says women don’t have to wait until 2014 to reap the benefits of some of the new changes.

Clyde – Since just the beginning of this month, many health plans now cover well women visits, gestational diabetes screening, domestic violence screening, breast feeding supplies and contraceptive supplies. 
Clyde says young women have also been able to stay on their parent’s health insurance longer.  Clyde and Brodie say Obamacare is especially good for women.  And Stephanie Kight with Planned Parenthood of Ohio agrees, saying it no longer allows insurers to charge women more for health care.

Kight = Women will no longer pay more in premiums to get less coverage.  Our medications, including our birth control, will be covered as part of preventive health care as it should always have been.

Kight says it’s time for Republicans to stop spreading misinformation about Obamacare and adds the Republican congress should quit the futile task of voting to repeal it….as it did for the 40th time last week.  But Matt Borges of the Ohio Republican Party says it’s the Democrats who are playing politics with health care.

Borges – This whole notion of it being good for women is only good for them when it politically expedient.  They won’t stand up for women when they actually should.

Borges says the Democrats are not being fair when it comes to the implementation of Obamacare either.

Borges – It’s odd to me that President Obama thinks it’s ok to delay the employer mandate and do a big favor for big business but stick it to the little guy and still have the individual mandate remain.

Borges says the affordable health care act should be scrapped.  And he says Republicans should be invited in to come up with a health care solution to replace it.

Borges – The best option for everyone involved is to go back to the drawing board.

But for right now, it doesn’t appear that’s likely to happen, even with Republicans controlling the U.S. House.  Democrats are hoping once the program is implemented, Ohioans will realize it provides them better health care coverage at a better price.