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State Office Working Through Backlog of Rape Kits

There are thousands of rape kits that have never been tested in Ohio, and the state attorney general says his agency is working through that stack.

Mike DeWine says his office has received 3,446 old rape kits from around a hundred law enforcement agencies throughout the state. DeWine says 1,436 have been analyzed, and 30 percent resulted in a hit in the national DNA database.

MD:  So we're running almost now 1 out of every 3.  So we're going back to police departments and telling them - here's your rapist.  We're going back to other police departments  and telling them -- the guy you thought was your rapist and has been your suspect but you've never charged?  Hey, he's not your rapist.  Look somewhere else.

DeWine says four forensic scientists were hired to handle the rape kit backlog. He promised two years ago that his office would test three thousand rape kits a year, and he says he expects to receive thousands more kits from around the state. The Republican AG also adds that he supports a bill sponsored by Democratic Senators Capri Cafaro and Nina Turner which would remove the 20 year statute of limitations on rape and sexual battery.