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A Conversation With Frank Tavares


Referred to as the most heard voice on public radio, Frank Tavares has been reading the underwriting credits for more than three decades at NPR. Later today, the network announces his replacement. A full-time teacher at Southern Connecticut State University, Tavares has also written a collection of short stories. You'll hear his thoughts on writing later, but first Tavares reflects on his long tenure at NPR.

Tavares' new book - The Man Who Built Boxes - includes a dozen short stories. He's been voicing the funding credits on NPR for more than three decades as a part-time contractor from his Connecticut home. The network announces his replacement later today with the transition beginning next month. NPR says her voice will be heard alongside Tavares for the remainder of the year.

Tavares talks a little more about the book, his writing process and reads an excerpt in this portion of the interview.


You can find more details about the book at Bacon Press Books.