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Ohioans Hazy About Voting Process


A new poll shows most Ohio voters don't know a lot about how elections are run in the state. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.  

There are 20 states that allow online voter registration. Ohio isn’t one of them – but that’s news to many Ohioans. 

“In states that don’t have on line voter registration, like Ohio, most think that they do, many think that they do.”
David Becker is with the Pew Charitable Trusts’ election initiatives project, which surveyed voters in eight states on voting laws. Becker says 46% of voters said they didn’t know voter registration is available at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles – though the Motor Voter law was passed more than two decades ago. And Becker says these weren’t the only surprising stats. 

“Only 8% of Ohio voters knew that it was the Secretary of State’s office that’s in charge of elections for this state.”

Of the other 92%, 42% had a wrong answer, and the rest didn’t even try to guess.

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