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Ohio Issues More Than 58,000 New Concealed-Carry Licenses

The number of concealed-carry licenses issued or renewed last year in Ohio marked the first decline in several years. 

A state report issued this week showed 58,066 new licenses issued and 52,146 licenses renewed in 2014 for a total of more than 110,000. More than 145,000 concealed carry licenses were issued or renewed in 2013, the largest number since licensing began in the state in 2004. The state issued nearly 97,000 new licenses and more than 48,000 renewals in 2013. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the large number of renewals last year reflects the significant number of licenses issued five years ago. Concealed-carry licenses expire five years after they're issued. Each county sheriff reports concealed carry license data to the state every three months.