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Natural Gas Pipeline Opponents Say Route Poses Risks of Earthquake, Damaging Bat Habitats

Opponents of the NEXUS natural gas pipeline planned for northern Ohio say they're hoping the existence of a threatened bat species will at least delay the 2 billion dollar project. Habitats for the northern long-eared bat along the proposed 255-mile-long route could result in restrictions for clearing rights of way. The bats nest in trees during the spring and summer. The two companies building the pipeline say they've developed contingency plans that will include the number of bats likely to be killed if they have to cut down trees while bats are nesting. Opponents also say the proposed route takes it too close to a fault line. A Bowling Green State University assistant professor who specializes in geology says the route south of Toledo is close to a fault line near the surface of the ground. He says that's a bad place for a pipeline because of the fault's seismic potential. Operators have told federal regulators the fault is nearly a half-mile below ground. A spokesperson says the pipeline will be built safely and without risk to the environment.

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