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Data Shows Working Ohio Women Earn 76 Percent Of What Men Earn Annually

Today is Equal Pay Day, marking how far into 2018 women have to work to earn the wages of their male counterparts in 2017. 

U.S. Census Bureau data shows if current trends continue, working Ohio women will not earn the same as men until the year 2067. The data also shows this year's gender pay gap is 20 percent. Toni Van Pelt of the National Organization for Women says pay inequality affects vacation time, retirement savings and other aspects of women's lives. 

Van Pelt says the data shows the pay gap is worse for women of color, with black women earning 63 percent of what their white male counterparts are paid. Latino women earn 60 percent of what their white male counterparts are paid. 


A study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows full-time working Ohio women have median annual earnings of 38 thousand dollars, which is 76 percent of their male counterparts. 

Jim has been with WCBE since 1996. Before that he worked as a reporter at another Columbus radio station, and for three newspapers in Southwest Florida.
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