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Jim Maneri

Host of Post Merdiem, 40 x 83, and Friday Night Fish Fry

Jim Maneri is a composer, conductor, jazz pianist, audio engineer, and music educator with more than 10k gigs under his belt. He’s played piano in sketchy jazz bars, conducted Broadway shows, traveled with a circus, and has mixed original electronic dance music at large music festivals for thousands.

In the 1990s, Jim taught at Ft. Hayes, preparing aspiring high school music professionals through the vocational music program. Finding WCBE on his first day of teaching while desperately questing for coffee, Jim was immediately put on the air as a regular guest. Soon after, Maneri created Jazz Sunday, where he appeared as the original host for 10 years.

Maneri returned to Columbus and WCBE in 2019 as a weekend voice, Inside Blues producer, and Friday Night Fish Fry host.

Fun fact: Maneri always has a yoyo in a holster on his belt. Next time you see him, ask him to perform his favorite trick.