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City League Sports

The official sports podcast for Columbus City Schools spotlighting students, families, and coaches throughout the district. Hosted by Dr. Vincent Clarno. Listen on Saturday mornings at 8 and find the show on the major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

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Latest Episodes
  • West High Alum Bill Peterman joins City League Sports to share how he went from being a kid who didn't run track until he was in the 10th grade, to becoming the first City League athlete to ever win the triple crown (100, 200, 400-meter dashes) his senior year.
  • The Mifflin Softball Team joins City League Sports to reflect on the team's great season this year.
  • This episode of City League Sports features the City League Champion Centennial baseball team.
  • City League Sports features the South Girls Track And Field Team.
  • East High Tiger alum Asa Burke joins City League Sports.
  • Track and Field legend Ayrizanna Favours shouts out her high school coaches, teammates and family members who made her high school track and field accomplishments special, including winning the 400 m four years straight in the State Championship.
  • The Independence Track and Field team joins City League Sports to tell us about all the work they put in when they won The Columbus City League Title, as well as placing 3rd place in a race at the State Track Meet in 2023.
  • Western Michigan basketball alum Marley Hill joins City League Sports to talk about all the fun she's had over the years, and how the game of basketball has helped her travel around the world.
  • Benji Burke joins City League Sports to chat about the Eastmoor teammates he appreciated the most, and what they brought to the table during their back to back City League Championship appearances.
  • Briggs alum Tony Rice joins City League Sports.