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Hosted by Doug Dangler, Craft features interviews with authors, songwriters, and other creative people.

His current How Are You Doing series features discussions with central Ohio businesses to find out how they're weathering the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Latest Episodes
  • Comic Sumukh Torgalkar will return to central Ohio after a few years on the West Coast to record his second comedy album at Madlab on June 3. Listen in as we discuss his comedy interests, the impact of the pandemic, and what kind of comedy he prefers to do.
  • Singer-songwriter Jeff Black will appear on June 3 with Columbus’ Six String Concert series.
  • In and out of care facilities for many years, Dr. Carolyn Bailey Lewis persevered and became director and general manager of OUB public media at Ohio University in Athens, where she served for 13 years as the first woman and first African American to lead this entity and the first woman to be emerita.
  • Dorr's most recent book is Profiles in Resilience: Books for Children and Teens That Center the Lived Experience of Generational Poverty, and it's something she started after discovering that librarians who had grown up in middle class or higher income homes had difficulties understanding children living in generational poverty.
  • Brendan Kiely had in some ways a similar and in others a very different kind of youth, and that’s led him to confront racism and write The Other Talk: Reckoning with Our White Privilege. He’ll appear with at this weekend’s virtual Ohioana Book Festival.
  • Ron Allan from Big Voice Productions in central Ohio has performed and taught voice acting throughout the Midwest and has over 30 years of experience. As he said during our discussion, “somewhere, right now, this minute, I’m on a radio commercial, a TV commercial, an industrial narration, a phone message, or an audio book.”
  • Cleveland poet George Bilgere’s latest collection is Central Air, which was released March 2022. He hosts “Wordplay” on Cleveland Public Radio, which has been described as the car talk of poetry. He joins the Ohioana virtual Book Festival on April 29 through May 4.
  • On her way to selling over 30 million books, Lisa Scottoline has had plenty of time to imagine what’s the worst that could happen in any situation. And fortunately, she’s written about it.
  • Violinist Savannah Buist, cellist Katie Larson, and percussionist Michael Dause make up The Accidentals, who will perform in Columbus on March 12 with Six String Concerts. Sav and Katie chat with Doug Dangler about their time as musicians, how the pandemic changed their musical abilities (think: engineering), and how they got to cowrite with some of their musical heroes on the Timeout Project.
  • Cardiologist and author of Heartbreak and Heart Disease Dr. Stephen Sinatra believes that some habits could unexpectedly impact your heart health. During our conversation, we discussed the many ways that how much not getting enough sleeping at night can negatively impact your cardiac health before covering his interest in grounding, aka earthing, the idea that electric currents in the earth can be access by direct physical contact. Listen in for Dr. Sinatra’s health advice.