City Announces Plan To Help Hilltop Seniors

Oct 31, 2018


Columbus city officials have announced a plan to help seniors on the Hilltop access shuttles and assistance to allow them to continue living at home. 

Hilltop Village is a membership network for seniors in need of assistance. It's modeled after similar networks in Clintonville, German Village and the Short North.  Seniors who join gain access to neighbors who can help them access transportation, attend social gatherings and perform household duties. Unilke the other programs, this one will not include a membership fee ranging from 100 to 200 dollars for a community that has struggled economically for decades. Hilltop Shalom Zone Executive Director Meredith McDougle outlined some of the next steps.

  Ten thousand dollars in taxpayer funding for Hilltop Village is expected to be approved by Columbus City Council this coming Monday. The city is also working to secure additional funding from local organizations. Some organizations have already signed up to assist with the effort. Those include the Clintonville Beechwold Resource Center, which is working to design a Hilltop circulator for seniors to take trips to the grocery store and meet other needs.