Ohio County GOP Chair Says Post Critical Of California Wildfires Was A "Mistake"

Nov 21, 2018

Dave Johnson

Columbiana County Republican Party Chair Dave Johnson says he was mistaken in publishing a meme on social media referring to the California wildfires as "God's Punishment to Liberal California."

Johnson says he deleted the meme that showed a landscape ablaze along with the text about "Liberal California." The blazes have killed more than 75 people and destroyed thousands of homes. Johnson said in a statement he didn't intend "any disrespect to the innocent lives" lost but was pointing to policies he believes contributed to the fires. His comments of course echo those of President Trump, who has incorrectly blamed the fires on poor forest management practices.  Johnson  said he confesses to "erring in my recent post" regarding the wildfires. Mahoning County Democratic Party Chair David Betras calls the post "disgusting" and saysJohnson owed victims, their families and firefighters an apology.