A Reflection on our Spring Fundraiser, from General Manager Dan Mushalko

Apr 12, 2014

It's finally complete.  Our big Spring on-air fund drive came to a close at 7pm on Friday, April 11.

Perhaps complete isn't the correct word; we truly do need to raise a full $258,000 before our fiscal year comes to a close.  Thanks to the 1,400 dedicated listeners who donated during our fundraiser, we raised a remarkable $183,915.  That leaves $74,085 yet to earn before the fund drive is truly complete.

How will we do it?  With your help, of course!  We'll start with what public broadcasting insiders call a "silent campaign."  Essentially, it means we'll sprinkle our airwaves with an earomatic light spice of update announcements, continuing the countdown of funds and letting folks know how they can give.  (If you'd like to help spread the word, giving is easy:  let your friends know they can donate online at, or mail a check to The WCBE Fund at 540 Jack Gibbs Blvd., Columbus, OH, 43215-1720.)  We'll keep it low key, so you can enjoy your favorite shows on WCBE without unexpected interruptions.  After all, providing you with those shows is the main reason we're here!

I have faith that's all we'll need to raise the remaining funds...because I have faith in you.  WCBE listeners are a special breed: wonderful people who work hard to make Columbus such a terrific city.  Enlightened, educated, and caring, 'CBE listeners support what they believe in.  Frankly, you're the best group of people on the planet.

The proof?  It's in the way you rally for the largest Earth Day celebration in the country.  It's how you help us feed the hungry with fresh produce every winter.  It's the action you take with our education initiatives.  And how you've supported us since 1956.

I can't fully express my thanks to the 1,400 listeners who donated and volunteered during this fund drive.  Nor to the incredibly hard-working staff here at the radio station.  Just know that my gratitude is immensely deep, and richly heartfelt.  You're making another six months of truly unique radio, in service to our brightly unique community, possible.

Yours in wondrous thanks,
- Dan