Double Take


Critical, sometimes confrontational, always amusing, conversations about movies. Hosted by Columbus film critics John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto, Double Take provides insightful commentary and context regarding all things cinematic. Casual moviegoers and serious cinephiles will find at least one, maybe even two insights worth the price of admission, which is, thankfully, free...  Double Take is a Cinema Classics production. 

Inspired by Cry Macho, the boys extend their Cinema Classics discussion of Clint Eastwood.

Michael Keaton has had a successful career, some of it in docudramas.

John and Johnny speculate about Hugh Jackman's middle age and other male stars'.

Val Kilmer's documentary use his extensive private video collection for an outstanding doc. On Prime.

Two different, current docs: 52 & Roadrunner.

The 50th anniversary of the great children's film, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

One of the best comedy thrillers ever is now streaming, for instance on Netflix and Prime.

John and Johnny mash up The Quiet Places and In the Heights.

Shiva and Together Together tell us something about modern culture.

Preview of Summer '21 Movies, June and July.

John and Johnny define American "gothic" in movies.

Filmmaker Guy Ritchie is worth the analytic time of John and Johnny.

John and Johnny are impressed by Mads Mikkelsen  after his role in the Oscar-winning Another Round.

John and Johnny discuss the controversy over Mel Gibson's racist remarks.

John and Johnny review the representation of Black Cowboys in cinema.

John and Johnny give their final thoughts on the 2021 Oscars

The secrets of the best supporting actor/actress category are revealed.

The Oscar nominations for 2021 are up for criticism and acclaim on Double Take.

With her win at Golden Globe, the boys survey Jodie Foster's career.

John and Johnny discuss new directors such as Greta Gerwig and Regina King.

John and Johnny discuss the Go-West theme.

John and Johnny podcast about The Columbus Ohio Film Critics Association top pics for 2020.

Our critics preview the best movies to come in 2021.

John and Johnny confer about recent holiday movies and classics.

Inspired by Hillbilly Elegy, John and Johnny analyze the meanings of "Hillbilly" especially in movies.

John and Johnny talk about the late Sean Connery and especially James Bond.

John and Johnny comment on some recent scary movies in honor of Halloween.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Goodfellas and Sam Wasson's study of Chinatown in "The Big Goodbye."

Johnny and John mashup elections and heroes.

Double Take: critical, sometimes confrontational podcast conversations about movies. A Cinema Classics production hosted by Johnny DiLoretto and John De Sando.

John DeSando is a Los Angeles Press Club national broadcast winner and also hosts It’s Movie time for WCBE.

Johnny DiLoretto directs community and public relations for WCBE 90.5 FM, Columbus, Ohio.

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