U.S. Geologial Survey

Federal geologists say a small earthquake struck in Madison, 40 miles east of Cleveland, Tuesday morning.

 Federal geologists say an earthquake of an estimated magnitude 4 hit just northeast of Cleveland in Lake Erie, shaking up residents who flooded dispatch centers with calls. 

A warming world could eventually make some of our most familiar ecosystems — deciduous forests, grasslands, Arctic tundra — unrecognizable.

That's the conclusion of a team of more than 40 scientists who took a novel approach to predicting the effects of how human-caused global warming will alter ecosystems. They looked about 20,000 years back in time.

Federal researchers are developing an early warning system for toxic algae blooms.

Mild Quake Shakes SE Ohio

Nov 20, 2013
Jason Reed / Getty Images

The U.S. Geological Survey says no injuries are reported after a mild earthquake struck in southeastern Ohio.

Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune

Federal scientists say they've found evidence for the first time that Asian carp have reproduced successfully within the Great Lakes watershed.