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Leading through Change: A Military Perspective

Wikimedia Commons File Photo 13 October 2016

Improvement only happens with change, and change is a constant for an effective military.  Yet implementing change takes high energy, an abundance of patience, and extreme flexibility. United States Navy Rear Admiral Deborah Haven (retired) discusses her experiences in leading change and working in uncertain environments.  The lessons she learned apply to situations all leaders – military and civilian --  face.

For over 30 years, US Navy Rear Admiral Deborah Haven (ret.) has been a successful leader in a wide variety of military and civilian global logistics organizations. She is particularly skilled at introducing change in large organizations. Haven has a keen ability to understand the landscape, identify barriers and develop an actionable plan to improve organizational effectiveness. She graduated from the Naval War College, holds an MBA from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, and a BS from the University of Maryland, College Park. Admiral Haven is an executive coach, independent consultant, and a member of the board of directors for the Flag and General Officer Network.