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Research has shown that diversity at every level of leadership leads to a more successful organization. Helle Bank Jørgensen joins Maureen to discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of leadership, including the board room.

On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner talks with Kyle Strickland, a Columbus native, Harvard Law graduate, and advocate for racial and health justice.

News regarding vaccines seems to change everyday: new vaccines coming online from more sources, new age groups and professions approved for appointments, new reports about our neighbors who are wary of getting a shot, and updates about variants of the virus. Our panel will discuss these topics surrounding the conversation about COVID vaccines.

Vintage Radio Hour performs Love Spelled Backwards, written by Marian Turk and originally airing in 1980. This show features Chiquita Mullins Lee, Tony Roseboro, Ben Gorman, Mark Beauchamp, Nick Martin, Vinnie Mason, Chip Barr, Benjamin Mowrer, and Carter Crosby in a love story gone wrong...dramatically, disturbingly wrong.

What is the purpose of business in the 21st century? And what are the values and skills needed by business leaders in this new era of stakeholder value?  Keith Tuffley joins Maureen to discuss these emerging topics and share his experience.

Steve Berry is a former attorney, an internationally renowned thriller writer, and founder of History Matters. He has over 20 million books in print in over 50 countries and 40 different languages. As part of his tour for his latest, The Kaiser’s Web, he will appear virtually with the Thurber House on February 26.

On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner talks for the second time with Ohio State Senator Tina Maharath. Serving District 3, in Franklin County, Maharath is the top Democrat on Financial Institutions & Technology and the Local Government & Elections committees. She is also the first Asian-American woman elected to the Ohio Senate.

Theory U blends systems thinking, innovation, and leading change from the viewpoint of an evolved human consciousness. Guest Otto Scharmer’s first book on the topic sold over 100,000 copies (versus the average traditional book which sells 3,000 copies in its lifetime). Otto joins Maureen to discuss his latest book: The Essentials of Theory U: Core Principles and Applications, which meets a crucial need during this point in history in helping us bring necessary changes to our foundational systems from a place of deep consciousness and perspective-taking from all key stakeholders – including the future as a key stakeholder.


Columbus and the surrounding suburbs have a diverse population. According to, “The most common ancestry groups in Columbus are German (19.4%), Irish (11.7%), English (7.9%), Polish (7.2%), and Italian (5.0%). While European immigration to Columbus has declined, the metropolitan area has seen great increases in African, Latin American and Asian immigration, particularly from China, Mexico, India, and Somalia. The city has a diverse Asian population, although the Hispanic community is mostly Mexican with a sizable Puerto Rican population. About 116,000 people in Columbus are foreign-born, which accounts for about 82% of new residents. 40% came from Asia, 23% from Africa, 22% from Latin America and 13% immigrated from Europe.” 

The need for system leaders, system literacy, and collaboration are more important than ever. The field of ‘awareness-based systems change’ is growing, and there are many very accessible ways to engage. Darcy Winslow joins Maureen to discuss that taking a more holistic, or systems, approach does not require a Ph.D. in Systems Dynamics - anyone can become a systems thinker and have a positive impact on the systems in which they work and live.

On this episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner talks with Dr. Marium Husein, Ariunaa Bayanjargal, and Anna Cifranic of Ohio Clinicians for Climate Action.



Welcome to Season Four of Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour. Our collaboration, now grown to over 150 fantastic performers and technicians from across the country, Canada and the UK, revisits the legacy of audio entertainment that harkens back to the golden days of radio to bring you a Valentines- themed collection of six shows filled with laughs, suspense, fear and maybe a little romance.

Dr. Kristina M. Johnson was named the 16th President of Ohio State University on June 3rd. Only the second female to claim the role, she assumed office amid a pandemic and a decision by the Big Ten to cancel its football season.

Business disruptions are occurring every day for entire business segments. Effective organizations are looking ahead to lead the disruptive efforts to set the new market. If you are not disrupting – you will get disrupted. Mark Kvamme joins Maureen to discuss how he works with organizations to identify opportunities and be the disruptor rather than being disrupted.

If you’re looking for a break from the various crises filling our lives right now, you might find some solace in reading up on a volatile moment in the United States’ past. This week we talk to Columbus author Karin Cecile Davidson on her first novel, Sybelia Drive, which released on October 6th from Braddock Avenue Books. 

“Great leaders are great learners” is often quoted but how can leaders implement this into their very hectic day? Ron Riggio has created a year-long leadership development guidebook that offers day-by-day instruction in short excerpts to provide leaders with knowledge and practical application ideas. Ron joins the show to discuss his new book “Daily Leadership Development,” his lifetime achievement award and his views on the current state of leadership.


Ohio Citizens for the Arts motto, “Make Art. Not COVID” is a powerful message of hope. COVID has been a devastating blow to Columbus’ thriving creative center. Our panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities the changing landscape has presented the arts community.

On the new Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner talks with Aryeh Alex, Franklin Township Trustee, champion of the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, Democratic Party campaign official, and advocate for Crohn's Disease patients. Listen as Dan and Aryeh put together the pieces of Aryeh's many contributions to Central Ohio. Topics include stigma around disease, social policy to support people with Crohn's, townships and local Ohio administration and politics, gerrymandering, and health professionals in politics.

Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour performs To Find Help, which originally aired in 1945. The performance features Josie Merkle, Jason Kientz, Tom Holliday, Richard Dana and David Tull in a warped story about definitely NOT judging a book by its cover...or else!


The incredible impact of COVID-19 has been felt by everyone but few have been hit as hard as restaurants, live performance venues, and other public gathering places. Charlie Jackson, part owner of Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington and Grandview, talks with Doug about the impact of the shutdown and the innovations this local business has put in place.

CMC returns to our Racism: Where Do We Go From Here? series. Our panel will discuss how the inequities in healthcare, education, housing and safety, too often made clear in our community during the past year, can be addressed through better listening, learning, and engaging, in hopes that we may play a role on the right side of history and all people can expect and receive equity in our city.

In a time when people are sharing more of their personal struggles, we talk to Congresswoman Joyce Beatty and Doug McCollough about their struggles -- and more importantly how they navigated those struggles so they could make their greatest impact on the world. Congresswoman Beatty not only overcame, she changed the view of what it is to be a successful black woman. She talks about how helping women succeed helps America succeed.

Among our greatest leaders are those driven by impulses they cannot completely control - by lust. Lust is not, however, an abstraction; it has definition. Definition that, given the impact of leaders who lust, is essential to extract. Barbara Kellerman joins the show today to discuss her views on leadership education, what it takes to build highly effective leaders, and her new book Leaders Who Lust.

On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, a health and healthcare podcast (part of the WCBE Podcast Experience), Dan Skinner talks with Reverend Beth Long-Higgins, founding Executive Director of the United Church Homes Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging, and

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The inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden proved to be a historic day amid months of history-making challenges for our country. Our panel offers their impressions, take-aways and predictions regarding the new president and the message he delivered to us.

The Violin

Jan 22, 2021

Vintage Radio Hour performs The Violin, which originally aired in 1934. The cast features the vocal talents of Michele Bailey, Thia Stephan, Mark Beauchamp, Lorelei Moore, Rick Clark, David Tull, Courtney Seiberling, Geoff Nelson and Nick Martin...actors from Ohio, New York, England, California and a classic ghost story with seduction, revenge, madness and murder, all accompanied by a little violin music.

We are addicted to prediction, desperate for certainty about the future. But the complexity of modern life won’t allow that; experts in forecasting are reluctant to look more than 400 days out. History doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, and even genetics won’t tell you everything you want to know. Margaret Heffernan joins us to discuss her new book, Uncharted, How to Navigate the Future, in which she drew on a wide array of people and places to look at long-term projects developed over generations that could never have planned for the way that they have been run.


Our panel will discuss what is being done today to speed the connection of rural communities to internet access, which is so important for today’s students and their families working from home.

Ghost Party

Jan 15, 2021

Vintage Radio Hour presents a performance of Ghost Party, which originally aired in 1937. The Shhh! Productions cast features Tom Holliday, Nick Martin, Jackie Myers, Linda Dorff, Greg Hoffman and Ben Mowrer, with a special guest appearance by Doug Joseph as Mrs. Hinkle. You know what they say--it’s all fun and games until the vampire shows up at your séance.

Building a talented workforce is a key element in growing our community.