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The upcoming show, Skeleton Bay--originally airing in 1950--features Phillip Wells, Thia Stephan, Dino Tripodis, Vivian Snyder, David Allen Vargo and Kate McAndrews in a diabolical story about a murder mystery author who delves a touch too deeply into her subject matter.

The Columbus Division of Police received over 22,000 calls for service to help with mental health crises in 2020.  In this episode we explore different models for crisis intervention that are in use or being considered for use. Join Edie Driskill as she interviews Dr. Harold Pollack from the University of Chicago Urban Health Lab, Kevin Truitt from Disability Rights Ohio and Commander David Hughes of the Wellness Bureau at CPD.

Welcome to the One-Year Anniversary Season of Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour. The upcoming show, The Plotters, originally airing in 1949, features Eric Gnezda, Tony Roseboro, Vinnie Mason, Ella Glasgow and Chiquita Mullins Lee in a twisted tale that presents like a blend of Stadtler and Waldorf from the Muppets, Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and Wile E. Coyote. 

The world has witnessed three-step functions in technological change: mechanization, electrification, and computerization. These industrial revolutions led to massive increases in productivity and thus we need far fewer workers. With each of these technological breakthroughs, the power balance between companies and workers shifted heavily to companies. The abuses of that power by companies instigated employee unrest. Counterbalancing forces rose to constrain companies’ power, eventually prompting unions, regulation, and the social safety net to bring stability to the relationship.

He was born Joshua Abraham Norton, but to San Fransisco in the mid 1800s, he was Norton the First, Emperor of The United States and Protector of Mexico. Sure, it was a made up title and he held no actual authority, but that didn't stop the citizens of San Fransisco (and one King of Hawaii) from showing him reverence. This episode dives into the history of Emperor Norton - including some of his more prophetic decrees - and then we collaborate with the AWESOME Shannon and Scott from the Song Salad Podcast!

Diversity recruiting and retention has become a hot topic and yet, many organizations don’t understand the nuances of recruiting and how to navigate the complexities of retention, and ensuring candidates and organizations create the best experiences and mutual success. Eric Douglas Keene joins Maureen to discuss changes occurring in the world of diversity recruiting.


Featuring Stephanie Hightower, President & CEO, Columbus Urban League; Larry James, General Counsel, National Fraternal Order of Police; and Dave Yost, Attorney General, State of Ohio with host, Jerry Revish, Retired Anchor, WBNS 10TV.

Everyone can be creative in their own way. Creativity skills can be learned and developed. The creative process is iterative: we typically fail many times before we succeed. We learn from those failures and approach the next experiment with new information and an improved understanding. Jeff DeGraff joins Maureen to share how you can tap your individual creativity…and how to deal with the realities of how true innovation is received in the workplace.

If Ohio has some of the world's pre-eminent health care institutions, why does it continue to rank among the worst in the nation in health outcomes, especially considering the amount of money we spend? On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, part of the WCBE Podcast Experience, Dan Skinner talks with Amy Rohling McGee, President of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, and Zach Reat, HPIO's Director of Data Management and Analysis, about HPIO's 2021 Health Value Dashboard.


Our panel will discuss what role a community plays in supporting its youngest neighbors to successfully make their way through education from infancy to adulthood.

The Big Box

May 27, 2021

As Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour prepares for a new season in June, we continue reflecting on previous performances with The Big Box, written by Wyllis Cooper and originally airing in 1947. This episode features Rick Clark as George, Bob Clark as Policeman, Rob Clark as Archie, David Allen Vargo as Man, and Andy Clark as Cavanagh in a spooky tale about the strange things that happen out there on the open road.

Coaching skills are not just for the life coach or the executive coach, they are every leader’s secret weapon.  Managers can become the leaders that are needed when they understand how to use coaching skills that put the development of their team as the top priority, and multiply their impact. Want to move from managing your team to leading your team? Coaching skills are the key.  Jonathan Reitz joins Maureen to share how managers can move toward leading by learning some simple coaching behaviors.

In Part 2 of De-escalation Training, Edie Driskill interviews Dr. Robin Engel, the Director of the International Association of Chiefs of Police/University of Cincinnati Center for Police Research and Policy.  Last year, Dr. Engel supervised the first-ever randomized research project to measure the impact of de-escalation training in law enforcement.


Featuring Thea Walsh Ewing, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure, MORPC and Jeffrey Darbee, author of the forthcoming (October 2021) book, “Amtrak, America’s Railroad: Transportation’s Orphan and Its Struggle for Survival (Railroad Past and Present)” and Owner, Benjamin D Rickey & Co., and Derrick James, Senior Manager, Local and State Legislative Relations, Amtrak with host, Andy Chow, journalist, Ohio Statehouse News Bureau.

In an age where most business communication comes through text messages, e-mails, and Zoom meetings, body language all but disappears.  Yet over 70% of human communication is non-verbal.  We need to understand what we are conveying with our digital body language. In this episode, Erica Dhawan joins host Maureen Metcalf to share findings from her newest book – Digital Body Language – which decodes the new signals and cues of effective collaboration and teamwork in a digital-first human workplace.

On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, part of the WCBE Podcast Experience, Dan Skinner talks with former Ohio Senator Nina Turner about her run for U.S. Congress in the special election in the 11th Congressional district. The special election is being held to fill the seat vacated by Rep.

De-escalation tactics are offered up as a solution to reduce excessive use of force by police officers, with state leaders like Republican Governor Mike DeWine even calling for the training to be mandatory statewide. Later this month, the Columbus Division of Police is bringing in national expert Mark Lowther to train officers in de-escalation. In this episode, host Edie Driskill talks with Lowther to find out exactly what de-escalation tactics are and how they might work. 


In what ways is the system of refuse collection, recycling, and composting evolving and what are the opportunities that exist for our community to make a positive impact? Our panel will share their insights.

As Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour prepares for a new season in June, we continue reflecting on previous performances with The Low Road, written by Wyllis Cooper and originally airing in 1947.

Business today is more competitive than ever; staying ahead requires you to make tough calls, face hard choices, and work through conflict. But productive conflict is so rare. Why? Because productive conflict requires a different mindset, new skills, and repeatable processes -- none of which come naturally.  Liane Davey joins Maureen to discuss building a productive conflict culture.


So many stories in the news recently focus on a never ending litany of reports of violence. Racist violence against our neighbors, the death of Black men and women at the hands of those who we trust to protect us, and regularly occurring gun shots and deaths in the inner city raised to headlines only when they are experienced in suburban malls. Is this another recent consequence of COVID or are there deeper issues to address? Our panelist will discuss what they are doing to address violence in order to make a real change for a safer community for everyone.

Research has shown that diversity at every level of leadership leads to a more successful organization. In the first segment, Dr. Christopher Washington of Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, joins Maureen to discuss the importance of J.E.D.I. (just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environments) S.P.A.C.E. (supportive, purposeful, accountable, collaborative, and evaluative practices). The second segment features Valrie Grant, the Managing Director of GeoTechVision and one of the five 2020 WE Empower UN Sustainability Development Goals Challenge Awardees. She will discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of leadership, including the board room.


Exploring Neighborhoods: The first in a series of discussions over the next several months spotlighting our Central Ohio neighborhoods. CMC will explore the rapidly changing business and residential development landscape, demographic make up, and unique challenges and opportunities taking place in Central Ohio’s cities.

Columbus will be welcoming a new police chief in the next few weeks. Edie Driskill discusses the challenges ahead for this chief with an activist, a cop, a minister, and a member of the chief’s advisory panel.


As Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour prepares for a new season in June, we continue to listen back to past performances with The Man Who Knew Everything, written by Wyllis Cooper and originally aired in 1949.

On the latest episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan turns over the interview mic to the show's Spring 2021 college intern, Ohio University student Claire McGee, who talks with Betsy Anderson, Executive Director of Serenity Grove, a not-for-profit level II transitional recovery home in Athens, Ohio. Under the direction of Women for Recovery, Serenity Grove provides a safe, transitional environment in wh

How can we change the way conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion are progressing towards productive, inquiring, learning experiences -- and ultimately creating a more just and equitable workplace and society?  How can we understand the effects outside-of-work events have on people of color within work?  Laura Morgan Roberts and Courtney McCluney join the show to share insights from their work, and to encourage leaders to examine and understand racial barriers…and how those barriers can be removed.


CMC’s annual look at our community’s nonprofits focuses on the social service agencies and their challenges and successes navigating the year of COVID. Featuring Denise Robinson, President and CEO, Alvis Inc., Colin Page McGinnis, CEO, South Side Early Learning,  Isi Ikharebha Green, President, Physicians CareConnection, with host, Michael Corey, Executive Director, Human Service Chamber.


Building on several past episodes exploring pharmaceutical access and pricing in Ohio, Dan talks with Loren Anthes of the Center for Community Solutions and Antonio Ciaccia of 46Brooklyn about a paper (PDF) Loren recently circulated offering policy options for Ohio.

Even before Covid-19, employees were reporting record rates of burnout and stress; Gallup studies showed only 15% of people fully engaged at work. Now with workers stuck behind screens, grasping for focus and suffering from the real mental challenges of prolonged social isolation and anxiety over the health of loved ones, organizations are in need of well-being development for their employees. It is essential for today’s workplaces to provide well-being support for employees, just as much as traditional professional development. Supporting the long-term mental health of your team can mean the difference between an engaged, collaborative and productive organization…or one riddled with toxicity and turnover. With 71% of U.S. office workers either curious about or already practicing meditation, now is the time to signal your long-term support for staff’s mental wellness, and bring in the neuroscientifically proven benefits of contemplative practices, such as meditation. Peter Weng and Rich Fernandez join Maureen to discuss mindfulness and employee well-being.

Peter Weng is the founder of the EWS Collective. Peter is focused on supporting individuals and organizations to optimize the balance of well-being and performance. As a corporate executive (Google, Dell) and well-being/mindfulness non-profit leader (HMI, SIYLI) he has implemented systems of well-being and performance in companies, governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations around the world.