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Join us to learn about Columbus’ innovative LinkUS mobility initiative and find out how it will impact our neighbors, our community’s transportation challenges, and build on our existing strengths.

As Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour prepares for a new season, we continue reflecting on past performances with Presto Change-O, I'm Sure - written by Wyllis Cooper and originally airing in 1948.

This performance features Wolf Sherrill as Sarsfield, Phil Wells as Professor Cagliostro, Jerry Holt as Bernard, and Courtney Seiberling as Genevieve in a mischievous little tale about the dangers of magic.

Sophisticated assessments, data, and software are giving CEOs and managers within any organization or industry detailed insights into human behavior. As CEO of The Predictive Index, Mike Zani has witnessed firsthand how the application of data and science can impact, and completely change, the way we function in our professional lives. In his new book, THE SCIENCE OF DREAM TEAMS: How Talent Optimization Can Drive Engagement, Productivity, and Happiness, Zani details a data-driven approach to talent strategy that makes hiring, motivating, and managing people more efficient and effective than ever.

In 2008, a man named Terry Kneiss won a double showcase on The Price is Right by making a perfect bid of $23,743 dollars. But there was more to it than luck. This is the crazy story of a gameshow going through changes and the man who helped Terry win: Ted Slauson. Then we chat with and play the quick quiz with game show fanatic Christian Carrion. 

When building a world class sales team, an organization needs to implement a formal sales process which has been shown to improve sales performance.  This formal sales process is like the back office for sales.  Joe DiDonato and Don Mastro join the show to discuss their experiences and the case study they wrote to explain what Don did to get his team through the pandemic -- and then skyrocket sales this year using a formal sales process.


We all remember where we were 9/11/01, and probably find it difficult to believe it was 20 years ago. Our panelists and host were in places we heard about on the news: New York, the Pentagon, and stranded on a plane outside the country. Hear them share their compelling personal accounts of the day we will never forget. Featuring Scott Light, Journalist and Owner, Scott Light Consulting; Shirley Brooks-Jones, Delta Flight 15 Passenger; and host, Jerry Revish, Retired Television News Anchor, WBNS- 10TV.

Conversations about meaning and purpose at work are very old and very new. Spirituality provides a lens for those discussions. Workplace spirituality helps us understand issues such as fulfillment, engagement, purpose, leadership and more. However, it also increases worries about values conflicts and how well organizations handle that. Paul Gibbons joins Maureen to discuss the spirituality of work and leadership for leaders and organizations.

When Barbra Streisand's 14-year old Coton du Tulear dog was nearing the end of its life, she sent some of it's skin cells to ViaGen Pets. Now two of her dogs are perfect clones of that pet! In this episode, we tell the story of Babs' cloned dogs and chat with Comedian and Actor Maria DeCotis



While the uncertainty of the past 18 months has challenged us, some things remained constant. One of those, thankfully, has been the Columbus Metropolitan Club Wednesday forums. Throughout the time of COVID restrictions, CMC presented newsworthy, relevant, and current programs every week via livestreaming to thousands of viewers and in house whenever possible. We’re grateful for the hundreds of people who willingly came to the CMC stage at the Boat House to share their stories, their insights, their expertise, and their unique and varied perspectives.

As Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour prepares for a new season, we revisit past performances with Camera Obscura, written by Wyllis Cooper and originally airing in 1945.

To be competitive in business over the next decade, it will not only be necessary to optimize the body for physical and mental health purposes, but it will also be necessary to ensure that cognitive optimization is a major focus. The human brain is simply not equipped to handle the deluge of data that is coming, nor the constant upskilling requirements that are inevitable. Dr. J.J. Walcutt joins host Maureen Metcalf to share information about Accelerate, a program that can get businesses stared on the right track toward building a culture of brain health, growth, and effectiveness.

For a very short time period, the Pepsi Cola Company had the sixth largest navy in the world. It was the result of a crazy trade deal with the Soviet Union and the Soviets’ love for the soft drink. In this episode, we explore how this came to be and then play the Quick Quiz game with Comedian & Magician Erik Tait!


In June 2014, the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force ended its 6-month process with the release of its final report to the residents of Franklin County. In it were eight recommendations to reduce the community’s alarming infant mortality rate by 40 percent and cut the racial health disparity gap in half by 2020.What type of progress has been made on this ambitious goal and how did CelebrateOne carry out its mission during the challenges of COVID? Join us to hear from Mayor Andrew Ginther and a panel of experts as they discuss how they are addressing the critical issue of insuring Central Ohio’s babies, more importantly, at risk Black babies, survive and thrive in our community.

Our discussion with Allison Duquette of CampusLogic continues, going deeper into the ways she integrated assessments in both her current sales team, selection of sales managers, and new hires.  Assessment tools boost the efficacy of hiring the right candidate for the job...yet most managers still hire by "gut feeling." That’s a mistake Allison overcame, and in so doing, learned assessments can make the difference between firing someone, and figuring out where they can thrive.

The debut of a special sales-team-focused miniseries, co-produced by the Innovative Leadership Institute and Baker Communications Incorporated.  Assessments can provide fresh insights into the strengths of your top sales performers -- and ways to build those strengths in the rest of your team. Allison Duquette of CampusLogic discusses her real-world use of assessment tools with her sales team...along with the refreshing surprises encountered along the way!  Co-hosted by Maureen Metcalf and Joe DiDonato.


What began as an interpretive framework for historians has exploded on the national education scene as the newest front in America’s ongoing culture war. Critical Race Theory, which sought to better understand the role of race in the creation of legal, economic, and social systems, is to some a way to spotlight the inequities in our society, while to others, its application threatens to further divide Americans from each another. What is critical race theory? Who is using it, how, and to what end?

Change is now a constant in all organizations. Is there a way to make it easier? Jake Jacobs joins Maureen to discuss his new book Leverage Change, and how leaders can use the concept of leverage to achieve faster, easier, better results related to all change work they are doing in their organizations -- at the individual, team or organizational levels. He shares practical actions leaders can take to achieve these much sought-after, but seldom accomplished, goals.

In 1950, the West-End Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska exploded from a gas leak. The church should have been full of a practicing choir, but it wasn't. This episode examines the curious circumstances that led each and every choir member to be late that day. Then we play the Quick Quiz with Jethro and Matt from the Drunkard's Walk podcast!


Our panel unpacks Ohio’s new budget and discusses its impact and implications. Featuring Emilia Sykes, Minority Leader, 34th District, Ohio House of Representatives; Hannah Halbert, Executive Director, Policy Matters Ohio; and Kimberly Murnieks, Director of the Office of Budget and Management, State of Ohio and Jay Hottinger, Senate President Pro Tempore, 31st District,  Ohio Senate, with host Karen Kasler, Bureau Chief, Ohio Statehouse News Bureau.

The leadership journey can be a difficult one with unseen challenges that ruin reputations. Skilled people can be left wondering what went wrong if they don’t have effective sponsorship. These challenges are even more pronounced for underrepresented people in leadership roles. Ricky Robinson and Keith Powell talk about the importance of having a sponsor, and of being sponsor ready.

Originally released February 28, 2021. Throughout the 1980s, there were rumors that CNN had produced a video to be broadcast if the world was ending. More than 30 years later, a former intern from the news network was able to shed some light on the subject. In this episode, we explore the famed "CNN Doomsday Tape" and quiz Comedian and Screenwriter Jay Black!



Farmers have harvested the sun since the beginning of time, but a new crop is taking hold in Ohio: solar energy. Even with the potential of hundreds of new companies coming to Ohio due to available sources of alternative clean energy, bringing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in commerce, the emerging solar energy surge has raised concerns in the Ohio legislature and spawned legislation to potentially curb its potential development, by allowing local oversight for proposed projects.


With approval of full stadium capacity for Crew and OSU games and the return of the Columbus Symphony’s annual “Picnic with the Pops” and CAPA’s popular Broadway Series, venues appear eager to see audiences back. Our panelists will discuss their experiences of the past year and what they are seeing on the horizon for events in the weeks and months ahead.

In The Self Help Book: 6 Practical Ways to Never Stop Growing, author and coach Jared Graybeal outlines six practical ways to live a life of constant growth while avoiding stagnation or burnout: Confidence. Competence. Clarity. Character. Connections. Commitment. This short, insightful guide is filled with inspiration and encouragement, and is designed to give you the perspective you’re looking for, no matter what’s going on in your life. Jared joins Maureen to discuss his new book, and how listeners can begin to be reenergized to never stop growing.

Originally released January 18, 2021. Did you know that Spock's "Vulcan Salute" in Star Trek was based on a Jewish Blessing? It's true! We explore the history of the hand signal and the accompanying phrase "Live Long and Prosper" in this episode, and then quiz Comedy Writer Jimmy Mak!








Buckeye Paws Program

Right when they needed it most, we were told to keep “socially distant” from the front-line responders who were facing their most stressful days caring for those with COVID-19. But, at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, a new type of “co-worker” – of a four-legged variety- was stepping in to provide care, comfort, and companionship.


Our panel will discuss the changes COVID accelerated, which will be sustained into the future, and what news will look like as a result of these changes. Featuring Alan Miller, Executive Editor, The Columbus Dispatch and Gannet Ohio Regional Editor, and Walker Evans, Co-Founder & CEO, Columbus Underground, and Denise Eck, News Director WCMH NBC4, with host, Ann Fisher, host, All Sides With Ann Fisher, WOSU Public Media.


Hear what Smart Columbus and their partners have accomplished to further transportation services and accessibility amid the callenges of the pandemic. Featuring Mandy Bishop, Deputy Director of Public Service, City of Columbus & Smart Columbus Program Manager; Raja Sundararajan President & COO, AEP Ohio; Sophia Mohr, Chief Innovation Officer, COTA, with host Kerry Charles, co-anchor, WCMH NBC4.

By their very nature, emerging industries present unique leadership challenges – and opportunities – rarely encountered in long-established businesses.  In addition to general entrepreneurism, you’re creating something new for the marketplace…and forging the team to shepherd it. Emerging industries often lend a new twist on businesses: they allow the opportunity to relook at old practices, and can lead to innovation in the business sector. James Brenza joins the show to discuss his recent venture into an emerging industry -- and how looking at an emerging industry can provide new challenges as well as the possibilities of new solutions.

Originally released November 16, 2020. There's a legend in West Virginia that in 1948, famed pilot Chuck Yeager flew an Air Force jet under a bridge in downtown Charleston. Over the years, the story has been embellished and exaggerated, but in this episode, we get to the truth. Then, I ask my pilot friend Doc Sacolick what would happen if he did the same.