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Business Disruptions: Are You Disrupting Or Being Disrupted?


Business disruptions are occurring every day for entire business segments. Effective organizations are looking ahead to lead the disruptive efforts to set the new market. If you are not disrupting – you will get disrupted. Mark Kvamme joins Maureen to discuss how he works with organizations to identify opportunities and be the disruptor rather than being disrupted.


Mark D. Kvamme is a co-founder and Partner at Drive Capital – a Midwest venture capital fund based in Columbus, Ohio. Marek was chairman and CEO of CKS, a NASDAQ listed advertising agency that pioneered new advertising strategies by integrating marketing and technology. CKS helped launch Yahoo, Excite, eBay, Amazon as well as helped companies like GM, MCI, Apple, McDonalds and many others. In January of 2011, Mark was appointed Director of the Ohio Department of Development by Governor John R. Kasich to help implement a policy agenda to create jobs and boost the economy by reviving the state’s ailing economic development efforts. Mark also was instrumental in the creation of JobsOhio, a new private, nonprofit corporation that has taken over the State’s economic development activities. He served as the President and CIO until November, 2012. Mark has a B.A. in French Literature and Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.