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Mindset Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle


Disruption to the norm, unexpected events, uncertain times: many of us faced these during the worldwide pandemic. We have seen jobs lost, companies forced to rethink how they have done business and how they can continue to stay in business. Leaders are daily faced with tough decisions on how to lead in this new and different environment. Sean Castrina joins the show to discuss his story of overcoming a setback, how he has gone on to start multiple new businesses, and the leadership lessons he has learned from his experiences.

Sean Castrina is a bestselling author of three books, and an entrepreneur having started more than 20 companies. He has spoken at some of America's finest colleges on entrepreneurship and business as well as shared events with Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, and countless other influencers. He is the host of a top-ranked business podcast, The 10 Minute Entrepreneur.